District Development plan 2015-2020 ready


Kasese District is formulating its 2nd 5-years District Development Plan (DDP) for the period 2015/16 in line with the National Development Plan (NDP). The Local Government Act has been amended by adding subsection 35(4) to suit the 5-year planning horizon of the NDP. The following provision has been added “The planning period for LGs shall be the same as that of the Central Government”.

To fulfil this mission, the District Council is preparing second 5 year District Development Plan in accordance with the Local Government Act 1997 (Amended), part iv section 36 Sub-Section 3; which states that “the district council shall prepare a comprehensive and integrated development plan incorporating plans of lower level governments for submission to the National Planning Authority, and lower level governments shall prepare plans incorporating plans of lower councils in their respective areas of jurisdiction”

The mission of Kasese district is “to achieve sustainable socio-economic development through efficient provision of quality services to the people in conformity with national and local priorities”.

In fulfilment of this, the District Development Plan for the period 2015/16-2019/20 was developed in a participatory manner, integrating the lower local government concerns and other development partners in the District. All these efforts working towards the achieving the District vision; “To have a poverty free society by 2025” and achieving its key goal, “To improve the quality of services and levels of service delivery by 3% every year” To realize this, the district has set up the following strategic objectives:

  1. To identify and collect sufficient resources to ensure that service delivery standards are met.
  2. To provide quality education to all levels
  3. To provide adequate and accessible health services to the people of the District
  4. To avail quality community based services to all people of the District according to their needs.
  5. To ensure the provision of adequate and quality infrastructure in the District
  6. To ensure food security in the District and the effective marketing of agricultural produce and products.
  7. To improve democracy and accountability in the District Local Government
  8. To ensure effective management and sustainable utilization of the natural resources
  9. To strengthen the District capacity to deliver its mandate.

Download a full copy on www.elibrary.kasese.go.ug