Seasonal rainfall outlook March-May 2018

March to May (MAM) constitutes the first major rainfall season in Uganda. During
the 48th Climate Outlook Forum for the Greater Horn of Africa held in Mombasa,
Kenya from 12th to 13th February 2018, the national, regional and international
climate scientists reviewed the state of the global climate system and its implications
on the seasonal rainfall over the East African region. It was observed that the major
physical conditions likely to influence the weather conditions of Uganda and the rest
of the region for the forecast period of March to May 2018 are as follows:
i) The predicted evolution of Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs)including neutral
phase of Indian Ocean Dipole and the anticipated evolution from La Nina to
neutral ENSO conditions in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean (No El Niño
& no La Niña);
ii) The influence of regional circulation patterns, topographical features and
large inland water bodies.Click here to download detailed report..