Job Advert-External Dec 2016




Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ugandans to fill the following vacant posts that exist in Kasese District Local Government, Kasese Municipal council and MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (MSF).

 Applications should be submitted in triplicate on PSF Forms 3(Revised 2008) to the Secretary District Service Commission P. O. Box 250, Kasese to reach not later than 9th January 2017 at 5:00pm

Application forms are obtainable from Chief Administrative Officers’ office, Secretaries of District Service Commissions or Public Service Commission in Kampala and the District Website. Handwritten applications with detailed curriculum vitae are also acceptable.

Applications should bear the title and Reference Number of the post applied for.

Applicants who are serving officers should route their applications through their Heads of Departments who should be informed of the closing date to avoid delay.

Applicants should attach to each of the three application forms or hand written application letters three (3) sets of certified photocopies of their academic certificates, testimonials and three (3) of their recent passport size photographs.

Applicants need to attach copies of letter(s) of appointment, confirmation and promotion if any, where applicable.

Applicants can also view the Job Descriptions and Specifications from the District website: or

Production and Marketing Department:

  1. Job Title : Agricultural Officer

Ref.                              :           KSE/DSC/156/01/2016

No. of posts                 :           (12 vacancies)

Salary Scale                 :           U4

Reports to                    :          Sub-county Chief

Responsible for            :          Assistant Agricultural Officer

 Job Purpose

To train and impart skills to the farmers on modern, productive and sustainable agriculture practices and technologies.


  • Training farmers in modern productive methods in agriculture and appropriate technologies;
  • Preparing budgets and developing work plans for the agriculture sub-sector;
  • Monitoring, assessing and prioritizing agriculture sub –sector activities;
  • Organizing Agricultural shows;
  • Training and guiding subordinates;
  • Collecting, analyzing and documenting agricultural data; and
  • Managing demonstration sites.


An Honors Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture or Agricultural Extension Services from a

recognized University OR institution.

  1. Job Title : Veterinary Officer

Ref.                              :           KSE/DSC/156/02/2016

No. of posts                 :           (06 vacancies)

Salary Scale                 :          U4

Reports to                    :           Senior Veterinary Officer

Responsible for            :           Assistant Veterinary officer

 Job Purpose

To control animal diseases, treat sick animals and carry out better animal production activities.


  • Monitoring and controlling occurrence and spread of animal diseases;
  • Treating sick animals and advises animal owners in handling sick animals;
  • Training and guiding animal owners for better animal production;
  • Inspecting livestock markets and holding grounds;
  • Inspecting and advises processors and handlers of animal food and by-products; and
  • Guiding farmers in pasture management, farm structures, record keeping and farm management.


Should have a Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medicine from a recognized University/institution.

  1. 3. Job Title : Assistant Agricultural Officer

Ref.                              :           KSE/DSC/156/03/2016

No. of posts                 :           (02 vacancies)

Salary Scale                 :           U5

Reports to                    :           Agricultural officer

Job Purpose

To implement crop extension programmes.


  • Training farmers and carrying out demonstrations in modern agronomic practices;
  • Identifying crop pests and diseases and advising farmers on control measures;
  • Monitoring and reporting on natural disasters;
  • Producing monthly reports on implementation of activities;
  • Collecting and compiling agricultural statistical data; and
  • Implementing agricultural development programmes.


A Diploma in Agriculture or in related discipline from a recognised Institution.



  1. Job Title :           Grader Operator

No. of posts     :           (1 Vacancy)  

            Ref.                  :           KSE/DSC/156/04/2016

Salary Scale     :           U7

            Reports to        :           Officer assigned

Job Purpose

To drive and maintain Local Government vehicle in accordance with the transport policy; and as

directed by the supervising officer.


Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with a pass in English Language.

Valid Driving Permit of class C or D


  • Operating the plant for official assignments
  • Carrying out basic maintenance and cleanliness of the vehicle/plant
  • Reporting major technical mechanical faults to the supervising officer
  • Maintaining basic records regarding the plant/Vehicles as instructed
  • Ensuring the safety of the vehicle/plant while on duty
  • Any other duties as may be assigned


Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) is a nonprofit-making International Medical Humanitarian Organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from health care with funds that come from private donors. It has an objective to implement sexual and reproductive health care (SRHC) for adolescents in Kasese municipality as well as support HIV and TB treatment services for the populations in the fishing communalities.

With the general objective to implement this project and in close collaboration with Kasese District Local Government, MSF wishes to recruit clinical officers, Enrolled nurses, Midwives, Records Assistants, Health Assistants and Laboratory Technicians to deliver health services at Katwe HCIII, Muhokya HCIII, Katunguru HCII, Kasenyi HCII and Hamukungu HCII. The contract will be for three years with a provision of extension subject to the health workers’ performance. Health workers recruited under this program will be contracted by Kasese district Local Government. The detail is as follows.


 Job Title :           Clinical Officer 

No. of posts     :           (3 Vacancies)  

            Ref.                  :           KSE/DSC/156/05/2016

Salary Scale     :           U5 

Reports to        :           Senior Clinical Officer

 Job summary:

Provide quality general medical consultations and treatment for patients accessing care at the adolescent clinic within the scope of his/her medical competencies (including examinations, prescriptions and referring patients with conditions falling beyond his competencies, in order to guarantee continuation of quality and efficiency of the service provided). This will be done in accordance to the available MoH/MSFStandard protocols, procedures and following strict universal hygiene standards.

 Main duties:

  • Provide diseased prevention education or instruction for adolescents accessing care at the adolescent clinic.
  • Carry out Diagnosis, treatment and management of adolescent patients.
  • Implement systematic clinical review and treatment for HIV positive adolescent clients .
  • Use laboratory services when necessary, to ensure proper diagnosis making.
  • Conduct health education to patients.
  • Referral of all patients with urgent conditions or conditions beyond his/her scope of competency for appropriate intervention.
  • Implement emergency resuscitations for emergency patients when needed in collaboration with the medical doctor
  • Provide emergency medical care for victims of sexual abuse

Qualifications and requirements:

He/she must have a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health or its equivalent from recognized Institution in Uganda.

He/she must be registered and Licensed with the Allied Health Professionals Council of Uganda.

Desirable previous experience

  • Clinical experience of at least one year.
  • HIV working experience and or HIV training certificate.

Must speak, read and write English (ability to speak the local language is desirable).

Other required/ desired competencies: Results oriented Teamwork, Flexibility, and Commitment.

 Job Title : Enrolled nurse

No. of Positions:                      07

Ref.                              :           KSE/DSC/156/06/2016

Salary Scale                 :           U7

Reports to                    :           Senior Clinical Officer

Job summary:

Provide nursing care, treatment and follow-up of patients within the Kasese Adolescent Clinic according to doctors’ prescriptions, protocols applied in service and in strict observance of universal hygiene standards/precautions, in order to ensure the quality and continuity of care for the targeted population.

Main duties:

  • Working in such areas as: general nursing, reception, dispensary, wound management and sterilization.
  • Receive patients and organize their flow between different departments.
  • Triage and identification of the prior emergency cases.
  • Ensure proper registration of the patients.
  • Organize and carry out care or administer treatments according to medical prescriptions.
  • Perform dispensary duties within the Adolescent clinic.
  • Take care of medical equipment and supplies allocated for the work.
  • Carry out wound dressing or suturing following standard medical and aseptic protocols and as available.
  • Ensure follow-up of the hygiene in the clinic.

Qualifications and requirements:

He/she must have an Enrolled Nursing Certificate or equivalent from a recognized Institution in Uganda.

He/she must be registered with the Nurses and Midwives Council of Uganda.

He/she must have a valid practicing License

Desirable previous experiences

  • 1 years of previous working experience
  • HIV working experience or HIV training certificate.

Must speak, read and write English and ability to speak the local language is desirable.

Other Required/Desired Competencies: Results oriented Teamwork, Flexibility and Commitment.

Only candidates who have a Ugandan approved registration and  valid license will be shortlisted for this position.

 7.Job Title                                :           Enrolled midwife

Number of Positions                :           03

Ref.                                          :           KSE/DSC/156/07/2016

Salary Scale                             :           U7

Preferred sex                            :           Female

Reports to:                                           Senior Clinical Officer

Job summary:

Provide general sexual and reproductive health services to adolescent females;  doing follow up before and  during pregnancy (Family Planning, Antenatal Care and eMTCT)  and implementing referral for delivery and PNC care to HCIII , according to available standard (MoH/MSF) obstetrical and reproductive health protocols and in strict observance of universal hygienic  and infection control practices at all times.

Main duties:

  • Provide family planning with focus on health education and prevention of unwanted pregnancy and unsafe abortions.
  • Provide systematic counselling of all non-pregnant adolescent females of reproductive age for all options of family planning.
  • Implement systematic general health evaluation and nutritional screening and health education for all pregnant women.
  • Implement aseptic obstetric examinations for pregnant women when necessitated by the condition of the women.
  • Carrying out antenatal care during pregnancy and implement referral for delivery and PNC to HC III.
  • Provide emergency medical services (screening and treatment) for victim of sexual abuse
  • Implement and ensure lab referrals.

 Qualifications and requirements:

Must have an Enrolled Midwife Certificate or its equivalent from a recognized Institution in Uganda.

Must be registered and licensed with the Nurses and Midwives Council of Uganda.


  • experience as a midwifefor at least 1 year.
  • HIV working experience or HIV training certificate.

Must speak, read and write English and ability to speak the local language is desirable.

Other desired Competences: Results oriented, Teamwork, Flexibility, and Commitment.

 Job Title : Records Assistant

No. of positions                       :           02

Ref                                           :           KSE/DSC/156/08/2016

Salary Scale                             :           U7

Reports to                                :           Assistant Records Officer

Job Purpose

To keep files, correspondences and records; and dispatch mails to relevant officers for action.

Main Duties

  • Receiving, registering and routing incoming mails;
  • Filing and storing correspondences for future reference;
  • Keeping stock of records for easy tracking and retrieval; and
  • Retrieving files as and when required;


 An Ordinary Certificate in Education (UCE); with a Certificate in Records Management from a

recognised awarding Institution.

 Job Title : Health Assistant

No. of positions                                   :           05

Ref.                                                      :           KSE/DSC/156/09/2016

Salary Scale                                         :           U7

Reports To                                           :           Health Inspector

 Job Purpose

To prevent and control the spread of diseases in the community

Main Duties

  • Participating in Community Based Environmental Health Activities;
  • Enforcing Environmental Health Act, Regulations and By-laws;
  • Accounting for allocated resources;
  • Compiling relevant basic health data and submit to the Health Inspector;
  • Liaising with Local Authorities in organizing home improvement competition;
  • Participating in research activities; and
  • Compiling and submitting periodic reports.


 Must have a Certificate in Environmental Health Science or its equivalent from a recognized


 Must be registered with the Allied Health Professionals Council.

10.Job Title                                          :           Laboratory technician

No. of Positions                                   :           05

Ref.                                                      :           KSE/DSC/156/10/2016

Salary Scale                                         :           U5

Reports to                                            :           Senior Clinical Officer

Job summary:

Implement clinical laboratory tests, examinations and analysis following available standard protocols and SOPS (MoH/MSF) in support of the diagnostics efforts of the medical team or activities, and at all times observing proper universal precautions.

 Main duties:

  • Collect, prepare and perform exams/tests following appropriate techniques.
  • Implement patient education regarding the procedure and place for laboratory sample taking and sample reception/delivery points.
  • Implement proper documentation and reporting of the lab examination or tests results.
  • Ensure that equipment is functional and well maintained.
  • Implement daily and accurate entry of lab supply consumption data.
  • Implement weekly inventory and pharmacy orders for lab reagents, tests and consumables for timely refill for service continuation.

Qualifications and requirements:

He/she must have a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Techniques or its equivalent from a recognized Institution.

He/she must be registered and licensed with the Allied Health Professionals Council of Uganda.

Desirable previous experience:

  • Minimum 1 year working experience essential.

Must speak, read and write English and ability to local language is desirable.

Essential computer literacy (word, excel).

Other required/desired competencies: Results oriented, Teamwork, Commitment, Flexibility.