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Advert for pre-Qualification 2018




Kasese District Local Government is in the process of pre-qualifying service providers for works, supplies and services for F/y 2018/2019, management of revenue centers for 1st and 2nd quarter 2018 and management of annual tenders for the Financial Year 2018/19.

The entity hereby invites competent firms and individuals to submit sealed applications /bids for the following items below:-


  1. Supply of electrical equipments, solar and Generators.
  2. Supply of timber, school desks, office furniture, poles and furnishing
  3. Supply of computers, photocopiers, printers, accessories (toner, cartridge), key boards, extension cables and cameras.
  4. Supply of agricultural inputs, tree seedlings, veterinary drugs, poultry feeds, livestock (goats, cows, pigs, chicken, fish fry, fish feeds), food stuffs, tools and equipments.
  5. Supply of Building, construction materials, protective wear and road tools.
  6. Supply of pipes, fittings, plumbing materials, Borehole spare parts, sewing machines and rainwater harvesting tanks.
  7. Supply of maize mills, coffee hullers, ground nuts mills, welding machines, Rice threshers and fish, chicken feed mixers.


  1. Provision of legal services (Retainer Basis).
  2. Survey, design and documentation of GFS
  3. Provision of land and roads surveying and Designing of buildings.
  4. Provision of Rating Valuation services.
  5. Training and Capacity Building.
  6. Land scarping and compound design.
  7. Provision of web/telecommunication services
  8. Provision of Engraving services


  1. Construction, completion, Renovation and maintenance of Buildings.
  2. Construction of springs, well protection and valley dams.
  3. Construction, Rehabilitation of Gravity Flow Schemes, borehole drilling, drilling of river rocks and Installation of plumbing materials.
  4. Construction of water channels, rehabilitation, periodic maintenance of roads and Bridges using machines (opening, grading and gravelling) and installation of culverts.
  5. Construction, Renovation and completion of VIP – Latrines.
  6. Maintenance, repair, extension and Installation of Electrical materials.
  7. Construction of bridges and Timber bridge
  8. Installation of concrete culverts.


  1. Management/Collection of market dues from Salt Lake market in Katwe Kabatooro Town Council.
  2. Collection of market dues from Kasenyi salt in L. Katwe S/c.
  3. Collection of property tax on 10% commission basis in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c
  4. Collection of Hotel tax in Mpondwe Lhubiriha Town Council
  5. Ward, office cleaning and fumigation of Bwera Hospital.
  6. Compound cleaning and maintenance of Bwera Hospital.
  7. Supply of food staffs (milk, tea leaves, sugar, soap and charcoal) to Bwera Hospital.
  8. Procurement of private operators for the Agro processing machines (Coffee Hullers) in the Sub counties of Kilembe, Nyakiyumbu and Bwesumbu.
  9. Provision of street sweeping/refuse collection in Katwe Kabatooro T/c.
  10. Collection of local Hotel tax from Hotels lodges and tourist guest houses in KKTC.
  11. Management/Collection of market dues from Lhubiriha Market in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c


  1. Supply of fuel, lubricants and serving of motor vehicles
  2. Supply of general stationery, Education materials, FAL materials, toner, cartridge, key boards, extension cables, and cameras and institutional staff uniform and small office equipments.
  3. Services for operation and maintenance of activities of rural water supply facilities.
  4. Supply of general printed stationery, Vouchers, Receipts, Operation permits, LPO, goods received note and Identity Cards.
  5. Supply of bitumen, primer, limestone, cement, culverts, gravel, stone dust, sand, hardcore, iron sheets, Nails, Paint, iron bars, ropes and aggregates.
  6. Provision for Secretarial, printing, binding and photocopying services.
  7. Provision for transport- Vehicle hire – pick up, 4 WD and 2 tones, 4 tones, 7 tones and 10 tone trucks.
  8. Repair/ servicing of computers, photocopiers and binding machines.
  9. Supply of Human drugs, Medical supplies, laboratory detergents and medical equipments.
  10. Repairs/ maintenance of Vehicles, Generators and Motorcycles
  11. Provision for accommodation, conference facilities, events management and catering services.
  12. Provision of media services such as conducting of radio talk shows and advertisement
  13. Supply of bottled water (for dispenser) for office consumption
  14. Supply of General consumables and cleaning materials (foods, beverages, sugar, soap, canteens, sundries, toilet papers, Vim, Jik, Jazzy, brooms) and related products.
  15. Supply of tyres, tubes and batteries
  16. Printing of primary Exams


  1. Katwe Parking fees in Katwe Kabatooro Town Council.

 CATEGORY G: Tenders for 4th Quarter 2018

 Construction of administration block for Rukoki Sub County at Buhaghura.



1. Maliba Maliba 6 months
2. Kithoma Kasenyi Buhuhira 6 months
3. Kyanya Maliba 6 months
4. Kanyatsi/Kithoma Kitholhu 6 months
5. Kanyampara Munkunyu 6 months
1. Kyanzababiri market Kyondo 6 months
2. Kinyabisiki market Kyondo 6 months
3. Kyondo /Kyambithi market Kyondo 6 months
4. Musasa – Katulu market Kyondo 6 months
5. Kyondo Slaughter fees Kyondo 6 months
6. Mukathi market Maliba 6 months
7. Maliba slaughter fees Maliba 6 months
8. Katoho market Munkunyu 6 months
9. Kitsutsu market Munkunyu 6 months
10. Nkunyu market Munkunyu 6 months
11. Kiburara market Kisinga 6 months
12. Kamughobe market Kisinga 6 months
13. Kajwenge market Kisinga 6 months
14. Musyenene market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
15. Kalongoyire market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
16. Nyamukade market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
17. Katholhu – Rwehingo market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
18. Fish movement permit Nyakiyumbu 6 months
19. Loading and off-loading Nyakiyumbu 6 months
20. Cowerie shells Nyakiyumbu 6 months
21. Collection of trading licenses Nyakiyumbu 6 months
22. Kyarumba Slaughter fees Kyarumba Town Council 6 months
23. Kaghema Buying centres Kyarumba 6 months
24. Kighenge market Kyarumba 6 months
25. Kyarumba Sub-county slaughter fees Kyarumba 6 months
26. Kitabona Buying centres Kyarumba 6 months
27. Kabatunda Kirabaho market Kyabarungira 6 months
28. Kyabarungira Slaughter fees Kyabarungira 6 months
29. Kanamba Kivengenya market Karusandara 6 months
30. Ihandiro market Ihandiro 6 months
31. Kawempe market Ihandiro 6 months
32. Mahango Lower Mahango 6 months
33. Mahango upper Mahango 6 months
34. Kasangali – Kajole market Bwesumbu 6 months
35. Bwesumbu slaughter fees Bwesumbu 6 months
36. Katunguru market L. Katwe 6 months
37. Hamukungu market L. Katwe 6 months
38. Kasenyi main market L. Katwe 6 months
39. Kinyateke market L. Katwe 6 months
40. Kahokya market L. Katwe 6 months
41. Murambi market L. Katwe 6 months
42 Muhokya market Muhokya 6 Months


1. Kasenyi Canoe landing L. Katwe B 6 months
2. Katunguru Canoe Landing L. Katwe B 6 months
3. Hamukungu Canoe Landing L. Katwe B 6 months
4. Kayanja Canoe landing site Nyakiyumbu B 6 months
5. Canoe transport Nyakiyumbu B 6 months


1. Upper Customs market A 6 months
2. Mpondwe market A 6 months
3. Nyabugando market B 6 months
4. Bumali market B 6 months
5. Kasanga market B 6 months



1. Kisinga market A 6 months
2. Kisinga Slaughter B 6 months
3. Kagando market B 6 months
4. Buzira market C 6 months
5. Kirembo market C 6 months



1. Fish landing dues B 6 months
2. Katwe central market B 6 months
3. Fish Movement Permit B 6 months



1. Rugendabara Kikongo market B 6 months



1. Kinyamaseke main market B 6 months



1. Mubuku market B 6 months
2. Mubuku slaughter fees B 6 months


  • (a) All payments of non-refundable fees should be paid on the District General Fund Collection Account Number 0930006382354 in Stanbic Bank Kasese Branch.  A copy of the banking slip should be presented to the District Cashier for receipting.  The receipt will be presented to the Head Procurement and Disposal Unit for accessing bid documents.  Original receipt should be attached to the tender application.

(b) Applicants must have an operational license for Kasese District Local Government for the F/Y                                                           2018-2019 obtained at the Revenue Office. Companies will pay operation license of Shs.100, 000/=, Co-operative Societies and individuals Shs. 50,000=.

(c) Bidders for categories A, B, C, D, E , F and G will pay non-refundable fees of Shs. 100,000/= for each item.

 (d) Bidders for rural and urban markets will pay non-refundable fees as follows:-

Shs.     100,000= for Grade A markets.

Shs.     50,000= for Grade B markets.

 All the applicants must attach the following legal requirements:-

  1. Detailed company profile.
  2. Evidence of key staff.
  3. Original Receipt of non refundable fee.
  4. Current income Tax clearance certificate.
  5. Certificate of Registration/Incorporation.
  6. Recent bank statement and Audited Accounts.
  7. Evidence of past experience.
  8. Operational permit for F/y 2018/2019
  9. Other requirements are in the bid documents

Applicants for Revenue Centers can be firms /individuals and should attach C & H and categories A, B, C, D, E and G must be companies and No. 8 of category D may be co-operatives, firms or individuals while category F must be Co-operative societies only operating within their respective Town Councils. Bidders for coffee hullers may apply for both or one in each Sub-county.  Co-operatives must attach C, D,H,F,E.

  1. All consultations and guidance pertaining payments of non-refundable fees, procurement procedures and tender documents should be sought from Procurement and Disposal Unit during office hours.
  2. The numbers of copies required are two which must be properly sealed and clearly marked “TENDER FOR” ….. and should be addressed and submitted to The Head Procurement and Disposal Unit, Kasese District Local Government, P.O. Box 250, KASESE not later than 10:00 a.m. of 4th June  2018 And thereafter bids will be opened the same day at 10:30 a.m. in the PDU boardroom where interested bidders/representatives may choose to attend.

Late submissions will be rejected.

The entity is not bound to accept the lowest, highest or either bid for revenue sources


Planned procurement schedule (subject to changes) is as follows:-

Publish of bid notice/advert 15th May 2018
Pre bid meeting NIL
Bid closing & opening of bids 4th June 2018
Evaluation process 5th June 2018
Display of  best evaluated bidder notice 7th June 2018
Contract award & signature 21st June 2018



Full District Budget Speech 2018


Mr. Speaker Sir,

The Local Government Act Cap 243 as amended part IV Section 35 Sub Section 1. “The District Council shall be the Planning Authority of the District.”

In addition, the same act, Section 83 (4) requires that the District Chairperson shall present before this Council the Revenue and Expenditure Estimates for every FY for the Council to approve. Accordingly Mr. Speaker, am performing this duty on behalf of the District Chairperson. This budget process has gone through a consultative process as espoused in the harmonized participatory planning guidelines for local governments and the Public Finance Management Act 2015.

Mr. Speaker you will recall that this budget was laid on the 22nd day of February 2018. On that day, the annual work plan for the FY 2018/19 was also laid and sector allocations were highlighted. After laying the budget, council dissolved into sectoral committees to discuss their respective sectoral budgets and work plans a process that was conducted on 10th, 11th and 14th May 2018 for Social Services, Works and Production and Finance & Planning Committees respectively. Later on 18th May 2018, the Finance, Planning & Administration Committee in view of her mandate sat to harmonize the priorities as agreed on in all the Sectoral Committees.

Mr. Speaker Sir, during the Committee sittings the Heads of Sectors presented details of the work plans and budgets for FY 2018/19 for discussion and recommendation to Council. In addition the Finance Committee discussed the extracted Integrated Capacity Building Plan, the Procurement and Revenue Enhancement Plans for the FY 2018/19 hence adoption of its report will also by extension mean approving these important budget extracts for the FY 2018/19.

Budget Performance 2017/18

Mr. Speaker the approved budget including supplementaries for the FY 2017/18 was as below:

Source                                    Budget 2017/18                             Actual at May 2018

Locally raised revenues         1,916,370,000

Central Gov’t Transfers                   53,097

Donor Support


Council recognizes local revenue collected and spent by the lower local governments. This is because the district accounting system cannot capture the 65% retained by the Sub Counties and 100% by the urban councils.

Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for FY 2018/19

Mr. Speaker Sir, the total budget as laid was shs. 55,401,344,982 (fifty five billion four hundred one million three hundred forty four thousand nine hundred eighty two) projected from the following sources;

  • Locally raised revenues 1,592,615,000
  • Central Government Transfers 51,285,128,082
  • Donor funding 2,523,601,900

Total                                                                    55,401,344,982

However the local government planning and budgeting cycle is a continuous process and involves changes in the indicative planning figures to LGs from the central government, donors and local revenue projections by the district budget desk. During the period March-April 2018, Central Government announced a number of policy changes in third budget call circular for FY 2018/19 including the wage enhancement for science cadres. As a result the total district wage has increased from shs. 33.7 bn to shs. 39.5 bn. Also additional revenues have come from enhanced sector development grants particularly Health and Education. Thirdly government in net terms has increased the Uganda Road Fund allocation by 50.8% to shs. 4,141,607,000 including the projected emergency funding.

As a result, the total budget for the district for the FY 2018/19 as discussed by the Sectoral Committees of Council during the month of May is Ug. Shs. 67,763,480,000 (Sixty Seven billion Seven hundred Sixty Three million Four Hundred Eighty Thousand only) which will come from the following sources;

  • Locally Raised Revenue 1,852,615,000
  • Central Government Transfers 63,911,264,000
  • Donor funding 2,533,601,000

Total                                                                    shs. 67,763,480,000

Mr. Speaker Sir, as seen from above, local revenue will constitute about 2.7% of the total projected revenue, central government transfers will account for 93.6% while donor disbursements will constitute about 3.7%. Significantly Mr. Speaker we have continued to budget for Unicef support despite poor performance during the FY 2017/18 because the organization has indicated that they will support the district again.

Mr. Speaker Sir, we are aware of the priority areas of Government as outlined in the Second National Development Plan. Consequently we have allocated funds keeping in mind the government priority service areas as below;

·        Administration Shs. 13,601,799,689
·        Finance Shs. 330,828,000
·        Statutory Bodies Shs. 1,052,811,000
·        Production & Marketing Shs. 1,669,683,880
·        Health Shs. 9,973,495,721
·        Education Shs. 30,153,182,329
·        Roads and engineering Shs. 4,540,720,480
·        Water Shs. 813,574,500
·        Natural resources Shs. 673,919,897
·        Community Based Services Shs. 1,641,825,788
·        Planning Shs. 696,281,309
·        Internal Audit Shs. 60,000,000
·        Transfers to LLGs Shs. 2,555,357,407


Total                                                   Shs.    67,763,480,000

Mr. Speaker Sir, a total of shs. 39,465,584,000 or 58.2% of the projected resource envelope will go towards payment of salaries for staff, shs. 20,039,197,000 or 24.9% of the revenue will go towards recurrent activities including pension and gratuity to support decentralization and key service delivery projects, shs.                    8,867,515,000 or 13.1% of the revenue will go towards capital development projects particularly in the areas of health, education, roads and production, shs. 2,533,601,000 or 3.7% of the budget will go towards donor development projects particularly in the departments of health, community based services, education and water.

I have noted Mr. Speaker Sir, that some departments did not capture departmental Wage/Salaries when presenting to Committees. This explains some of the variations in budget totals from some departments compared to what was presented in the committees. There is a tendency to think that salaries are obvious. I have accordingly cautioned all departments to in future present wage as part of the monies for appropriation by members. The budget figures and projects are in line with our Budget Framework Paper for the FY 2018/19 as submitted to the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and have been aligned to our 2nd five year development plan FY 2015/16-2019/20.

Mr. Speaker Sir, mobilizing the community for additional revenue is our constitutional obligation and patriotic duty. We must all engage in the noble duty to mobilize for more revenues for our council if we are to meet and attain our development goals and aspirations.

Mr. Speaker Sir, I propose that council dissolves into a committee of supplies to adopt, discuss and approve the recommendations of the Standing Committees of Council and as such approve the Revenue Estimates and Expenditures and Work plans for the FY 2018/19.

Mr. Speaker, I beg to move.


Ntabose Gideon Sanyu


Kasese District Budget reading for FY 2018/19

The General public in hereby informed that the District Budget reading for FY 2018/19 Budget is tomorrow Tuesday 29/5/2018 during the council sitting at the District Mult-Purpose hall opposite the airfield starting at 9.00AM.
Key highlights in the District Budget for FY 2018/19
1. Nyakatozi Seed Sec. Sch
2. Supply bof furniture to Kirabaho, Bugoye, Katebe, Kamabwe, Kanyughunya, Kibuga, Kitswamba Primary Schools
Construction of 2 class rooms at Kyamuduna and Nyisango Primary schools and many more…

The following Gravity Flow schemes are to be constructed.
1. Kyamiza,
3. Mbunga-Nyakazinga
4. Bwera water supply re-habilitation and many more

In works thye following roads are to be re-habilitated
1. Kihyo-Kithoma Road
2. Maliba-Isule
3. Rukoki-Kapoko roads, Kyoho bridge completion and many roads to be maintained

The folloowing Health Centre IIIs are to be upgraded to HCIV’s
1. Kyalumba HCIII
2. Bugoye
3. Kitswamba
4. Completion of Nyamirami HCIV and many more

Listen to a full Pre-Budget talkshow on…/pre-budget-talk-show-kdlg-2018

The District Budget reading will be live on Kasese Guide Radio 100.5FM tomorrow 29/5/2018 starting at 10.00AM for those in Kasese. Thanks

Re-Schedule of the community dialogue

The general public is hereby informed that the community dialogue (Baraza) that had been scheduled for 26th April 2018 at Mpondwe Pri. Sch in Mpondwe-Lhubiriha Town Council and was not held due to the death on 2 Municipal council Councillors has been re-scheduled for 16/5/2018 at the same venue starting at 12.00PM

Kasese journalists trained in ICT

At least 15 journalists in Kasese District are in a two days training on ICT usage for effective journalism. The capacity building training is sponsored by The Collaboration on International ICT Policy in east and Southern Africa (CIPESA) and being implemented at The E-Society Resource Centre. We Shall keep you posted on the proceedings and pertinent issues raised during the training

Shortlist April 2018


The following short-listed applicants are required to appear before the Selection Board of the District Service Commission on the dates stipulated below. The venue will be the Board Room of the District Service Commission. The Shortlist can also be viewed on the District Website: or

 23rd April 2018  at  9:00 am.


  1. Balikwidembe George
  2. Masereka Sanairi
  3. Kamabu David
  4. Kuule Joshua
  5. Busathiro Alfred Muhindo
  6. Balimwa Joackim
  7. Bwambale Moses
  8. Katusabe Hannington
  9. Muheko Edson
  10. Kamalha Christopher
  11. Fura Robert
  12. Imani Umaru
  13. Marusi Aganatia
  14. Kabaswa Zephaniah
  15. Kule Paul
  16. Bwambale Moris
  17. Masereka Stephen
  18. Muhindo Gerald
  19. Baluku Ernest
  20. Nigaba James
  21. Nuwagaba Derrick
  22. Baluku Asanairi
  23. Agaba Jackson
  24. Mugenyi Kanoli Simon
  25. Masereka Jean marie Bayoli
  26. Masereka Sserwanga Eric
  27. Musinguzi Nobert
  28. Bukombi Zephanus
  29. Butilimba Ali

 25th April 2018  at 9:00 am

 Fisheries Officer

  1. Itungu Sophia
  2. Twebaze Diogen
  3. Alibisa Eric Losio
  4. Byaruhanga Jimmy
  5. Agaba Charles

Records Officer

  1. Kabugho Albertina
  2. Ogwang Okwir Tonny
  3. Muhindo Juliet
  4. Masereka Edward
  5. Masereka Moris
  6. Bwambale Byamukama Levi

Assistant Inventory management Officer

  1. Koghel Jockim
  2. Bwambale Wilson
  3. Muhindo Alice
  4. Mbambu Zeria
  5. Tibenda Robert
  6. Biira Rusia
  7. Mumbere Innocent

26th April 2018 at 9.00 a.m.

 Assistant Veterinary Officer

  1. Basolene Bennet
  2. Muhindo Zephanus
  3. Masereka Bahara Enocka
  4. Kule Elisha
  5. Sereka Abraham
  6. Atuhaire Dan
  7. Ogwang Peter
  8. Kajuna Yonah
  9. Muhindo Ezira
  10. Masereka Jockus
  11. Muhima Nyangoma Rose
  12. Muhindo Jockim
  13. Kiiza Jolam
  14. Baluku Vincent
  15. Kitalikibi Geofrey
  16. Thembo Joshua
  17. Tibenda Fred
  18. Baluku Yokana
  19. Isingoma Eryeza
  20. Muhindo Lamark
  21. Okello Robert Alok
  22. Mbahimba Godfrey

27th April 2018 at 9.00 am.

Assistant Veterinary Officer

  1. Mbusa Frumasi
  2. Bwambale Jimmy
  3. Muhindo Brian
  4. Mbusa vicent
  5. Masereka Mathew Lahuka
  6. Baluku Robinson
  7. Biira Medrine
  8. Kalenzi Sanyu Moses
  9. Musoki Fortunate Macklyne
  10. Kamalha Fredrick
  11. Agaba Astaluzi
  12. Byahali Joseph
  13. Gorreti Kabugho
  14. Mabunda Felestus
  15. Mwebaze Edward
  16. Thembo Johnson
  17. Ndungo Samuel
  18. Mujurizi Pascal Bangana
  19. Mulanda Nelson
  20. Masereka Zepher
  21. Turihihi Jack
  22. Twesigye Selegio

 30th April 2018 at  9:00 am

 Tourism Officer

  1. Mugisa Deo
  2. Mbambu Jovia
  3. Baluku Eric
  4. Baluku Robert
  5. Kibaya Nicodemus Kahangwa
  6. Baluku K. Joseph

Anaethetic Officer

  1. Bagaya Francis
  2. Mwaka Isibosis
  3. Masereka Steven

Assistant Engineering Officer

  1. Mutooro Philip
  2. Bulhobukuhi Robert
  3. Bwambale Apton
  4. Bwambale Tobious
  5. Kule Benson
  6. Asiimwe Ronald Jack
  7. Kiiza E. William

Assistant Tax Officer at  2:00 pm

  1. Biira Lucia
  2. Kule Stephen O. Mbiwa
  3. Asiimwe Mariam

Law Enforcement Assistant

  1. Mumbere Innocent

Law Enforcement Officer

  1. Maate Yoona

2nd May 2018 at :00 am.

 Procurement Officer

  1. Kisembo Edward

 Principal Assistant Secretary

  1. Asaaba Wilson Mwigha

 Laboratory Technician

  1. Kule Uziah
  2. Kamalha Godwin
  3. Masika Irene
  4. Kule Edson
  5. Kighoma Josphat
  6. Baluku Wilfred

Laboratory Assistants

  1. Bazarwa Yodesi
  2. Mujungu Jehoash

Deputy Headteacher at 2:00 pm

 Masereka Benon Dan

  1. Nduhukire Charity
  2. Masereka Basaliza Tom
  3. Muhindo Magezi Azaliah

Borehole Maintenance Technician

  1. Baluku Shem
  2. Rubale Solace

  3rd May 2018 at 9:00 am.


  1. Isingoma Ramadhan
  2. Mugisa Saidi
  3. Kalibuliro Alfred
  4. Syaipuma Eric
  5. Kibaya Moses
  6. Masereka Amon
  7. Isingoma Jockim
  8. Muhindo Jerome
  9. Kule Julius
  10. Muhindo Kesion
  11. Godmas Bindobu
  12. Masika Joy Mbabazi
  13. Muhindo Micheal
  14. Kule William
  15. Bayoyo Doviko
  16. Tugume Phanoel
  17. Bihuku Mika
  18. Mbusa Exevier
  19. Bwambale Abraham
  20. Rughambwa Francis

4th May 2018  at 9:00 am

Askari  (continued)

  1. Muhasa Isaac
  2. Monday Robert
  3. Baluku Aaron
  4. Bwambale Robert Soro
  5. Mubunga Joshua
  6. Muhindo Venesio
  7. Baluku Habert
  8. Kasule Robert
  9. Muranga Bahati
  10. Muhindo Edward
  11. Nzangura Asasio

All candidates MUST bring originals of certificates and transcripts that they hold, valid practicing licenses where applicable,  certified copies of their documents with a live stamp together with all Identity Cards.





National earth hour to be celebrated in Kasese

Kasese District Local Government (KDLG) and the Ministry of Water and Environment in partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have organised the Earth Hour™ 2018 celebrations to take place in Kasese District.

Earth Hour is the world’s largest grassroots environmental movement with a mission to Unite People to Protect the Planet taking place in over 7,000 cities and 180 countries and territories. It mobilises hundreds of millions of people around the world to make a stand against climate change. Every year in March, Earth Hour celebrates the symbolic ‘lights-off’ hour from 8:30-9:30pm local time.

This year marks the 11th year since inception of this Campaign and the celebrations are being hosted in Kasese District due to its biodiversity significance to the country and beyond. The Rwenzori Mountains is global biodiversity hotspot and a water tower providing key ecosystem services and supplying essential natural resources to the public.  During COP21, images of the Rwenzori Mountains were beamed live to the participants in Paris highlighting the landscape as one impacted by Climate Change calling for quick action.

In Uganda this campaign has registered success such the first ever Earth Hour forest in the world where 250 hectares of degraded forest has been restored.    It has also increasingly engaged young people in developing solutions and innovative approaches to conservation. The first ever Earth Hour Walk, a 370km walk from Kampala to Kasese has been organized  aimed at raising awareness on the enormous loss of green cover and to drum up support to plant more trees.  This walk will climax on 24th March 2018 on Earth Hour day leading us to our grand celebrations.


Kasese District Local Government together with the District women’s council in a special way will be celebrating the International women’s day under the theme: “Empowerment of Rural Women and Girls: Opportunities and challenges.” The celebration will be held at Katholhu Primary school in Nyakiyumbu Sub County along Kasese-Bwera road starting on Thursday 22/03/2018 starting at 9.00AM. The Chief Guest is expected to be Gen. Salim Salleh. You are hereby all invited to attend.
District Chairperson





Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ugandans to fill the following vacant posts that exist in the service of Kasese District Local Government and Kasese Municipal Council.

Applications should be submitted in triplicate on PSF Form 3 (Revised 2008) to the Secretary District Service Commission P.O. Box 250, Kasese to reach him not later than 20th March 2018 at 5:00 pm.

Application forms are obtainable from the Chief Administrative Officer’s Office, Secretaries of District Service Commissions or the Public Service Commission and the District Website. Hand written applications with detailed curriculum vitae are also acceptable.

Applications should bear the title and Reference Number of the post applied.

Applicants who are serving officers should route their applications through their Heads of Department who should be informed of the closing date to avoid delay

Applicants should attach to each of the three application forms or hand written application forms or hand written application letters three (3) sets of certified photocopies of their certified certificates, testimonials and three (3) of their recent passport size photographs.

Serving applicants should attach copies of letter(s) of appointment, confirmation and promotion if any, where applicable.

Applicants can also view the Job Descriptions and Specifications from the District website or


 Job Title :                 District Finance Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/01/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :       U1E

Reports to  :                 Chief Administrative Officer

Responsible for :           Senior Finance Officer (Revenue and Budget)

Senior Accountant (Expenditure and Accounts)

Type of appointment:   Permanent and Pensionable

 Job Purpose          :                 To provide guidance and technical support, to the Management on proper management and accountability for the financial resources of the District in the accordance with the financial laws;

 Key Duties:

  • Collection of Revenue supervised;
  • Books of accounts and accounting records prepared;
  • Financial transactions verified and sanctioned;
  • Budgets and work plans prepared and coordinated;
  • Financial statements and reports prepared;
  • Audit queries answered;
  • Technical support to Council on financial matters provided through the Chief Administrative
  • Officer;
  • Revenue sources reviewed and alternatives identified;
  • Procurement and prompt payments for goods and services timely done;
  • Staff in the Finance Department supervised and performance assessed; and
  • Financial policy, regulations and professional practices enforced.


 EITHER : An Honors Bachelors Degree in either Commerce (Accounting option) or Business

Administration (Accounting option) or Business Studies ( Accounting option) or Finance and

Accounting plus full Professional Accounting Qualifications such as ACCA, CPA, ACIS and CPE

from a recognized University/institution.

OR Full professional qualification in Accounting such as ACCA, CPA, ACIS and CPE obtained from a recognised Institution and accredited by Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) plus a minimum of a Post graduate Diploma in Financial Management or Business Administration from a recognised awarding institution.


At least nine (9) years experience in accounting three (3) of which should have been served at the level of Principal Finance Officer in Government or equivalent level of experience from a

reputable organization.


  • Financial Management;
  • Planning, Budgeting and coordinating;
  • Good interpersonal skills
  1. Job Title:                    Assistant Tax Officer

Job Ref:                               KSE/DSC/156/02/2018

No. of posts:                        One             

Salary Scale:                      U6

Reports to:                        Urban Treasurer

Job Purpose

To assess and collect taxes from tax payers.

Key Functions

  • Assessing Tax payers in the Urban Council;
  • Collecting Taxes within the Urban Council; and
  • Establishing and enumerating Taxable property in the Urban Counci

Person Specifications

(i)           Qualifications

A Minimum of a Diploma with a bias either in Accounting or, Financial Management or, Business Studies/Administration with Accounting and/or Financial Management as a subject obtained from a recognised awarding Institution.

(ii)        Competences

          Financial Management;

          Ethics and integrity;

          Assertiveness and self confidence;

          Communicating effectively;

          Public relations and customer care; and


 Job Title :                 Education Assistant G.II (Grade III Teacher)

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/03/2018

          No. of posts          :                  Twenty (20)

Salary Scale :                U7

Reports to  :                 Senior Education Assistant

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To teach, examine and assess learners’ progress on an on-going basis in order to ensure functional  literacy, numeracy and basic communication skills.


  • To prepare the schemes of work and lesson plans in line with the approved curriculum on termly
  • and weekly basis.
  • To conduct lessons and remedial work according to the set timetable.
  • To participate in setting, administering and marking internal and external examinations.
  • To carry out continuous assessment and evaluation of pupils performance.
  • To prepare and select appropriate learning aids/materials for classroom teaching.
  • To keep and maintain class records /inventory (Registers, records of work , progress reports and


  • Minimum of a Grade III teaching Certificate or the equivalent from a recognized Institution
  • Registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports


 Guidance and counseling skills,

  • Pedagogical skills,
  • Psychological skills,
  • Child development skills,
  • Computer Literacy,
  • Record keeping,
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills,
  • Environment and Primary Healthcare,


 1. Job Title :                 Senior Agricultural Engineer (Water for production)

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/05/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U3

Reports to  :                 Principal Agricultural Officer

Responsible for :           Agricultural Engineer

Type of appointment:   Permanent and pensionable

 Job Purpose          :                 To initiate, develop and advise on agricultural technology transfer and adaptability in areas of soil and water conservation, agricultural engineering, water harvesting and irrigation.


  • Systems for suitable utilization of land and water Resources initiated and developed;
  • Strategies for utilization and engineering technologies that enhance land and water productivity
  • developed;
  • Technical guidance to farmers and district leaders on sustainable land adaption of engineering
  • technologies provided;
  • Mechanisms/systems for integrated, improved land, soil and water management and irrigation
  • supported and developed;
  • District data on land use, soil conservation, farming systems and irrigation potential compiled and
  • analyzed;
  • Linkages with research for securing and adapting appropriate technologies established; and
  • District staff advised on recent developments in water harvesting and management of fragile soils


Should have an Honors BSc. Degree in Agriculture Engineering or mechanical engineering plus a minimum of a Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural/Farm Planning from a recognized Institution/university.

 (ii) Experience:

 Should have 3 years working experience at a level of agriculture Engineer in government or

equivalent level of experience from a reputable organization.

(iii) Competences

  • Project management;
  • Accountability;
  • Ethics and Integrity;
  • Communication;
  • Concern for quality and standards; and
  • Time management.
  1. Job Title :                 Fisheries Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/06/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One (1)

Salary Scale :                U4

Reports to  :                 Senior Fisheries Officer

Responsible for :           Assistant Fisheries Officer.

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To support the increase and sustainable fish production from natural water bodies and fish farming.


  • Quality of fish from natural water bodies and fish farming controlled;
  • Fish diversity conserved from natural water bodies and fish farming;
  • Fisheries regulations enforced in liaison with Stakeholders;
  • Quality and Quantity fry fish supplied to fish farmers;
  • Fish at landing sites and fish markets inspected; and
  • Fish folk training in improved fish farming practices.


An Honors Degree of Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology, Fisheries or Aquatic Biology from a recognized University or institution..


  • Project management;
  • Communicating effectively;
  • Concern for quality and standards; and
  • Time management.Job Title :                 Assistant Veterinary Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/07/2018

          No. of posts          :                  Seven (7)

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Animal Husbandry Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

Job Purpose         :                 To increase animal production and productivity


  • Livestock, other domestic animals and poultry treated and vaccinated;
  • Farmers trained on modern animal husbandry methods and animal nutrition;
  • Increased number of animal products registered;
  • Data on livestock and poultry collected and documented; and
  • Quarantine enforced


  • A Diploma in Animal Health, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Husbandry or Ranch Management from a recognised Institution.


 Job Title :                 Records Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/08/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One (1)

Salary Scale :                U4

Reports to  :                 Senior Records Officer

Responsible for :           Assistant Records Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose         :                 To maintain the records in the Registry and Resource Centre in an accessible form to end users.


  • Records received, registered and classified;
  • Files opened for keeping classified information and closed when due;
  • Information and mails routed to officers responsible for action;
  • Records and record systems periodically audited in the district;
  • Information in the registry and resource centre organised and administered;
  • Confidential matters handled as prescribed;


An Honours Bachelors Degree in Library and Information Science from a recognised Institution;


Records and Information Management;

  • Concern for quality and standards
  • Information Communications Technology;
  • Communication; and
  • Time Management.
  1. Job Title :                 Senior Office Supervisor

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/09/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :       U5

Reports to  :                 Senior Assistant Secretary (Administration)

Responsible for :           Office Supervisor

Type of appointment:   Permanent and Pensionable

Job Purpose          :                 To supervise and facilitate cleaning of office environment, security and provide office stationery and equipment.


  • Office premises, furniture and equipment maintained in good condition;
  • Distribution and use of office equipment, furniture and stationery coordinated;
  • Work plans and budgets prepared and produced;
  • Utility bills promptly paid;
  • Inventory of issued office equipment and materials kept and maintained;
  • Inventory of office assets and properties maintained;
  • Security of office premises, equipment and vehicles coordinated; and
  • Requirements of user departments identified and determined


EITHER a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes including credits in

Mathematics and English Language plus a Diploma in Office Management from a recognized

awarding institution,

OR a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes including credits in

Mathematics and English Language plus six (6) years of experience, three (3) of which must

have been at Office Supervisor level in a public or reputable private organization.

(ii) Experience

Experience of three (3) years as Office Supervisor in a Public or Private reputable organization.

(iii) Competences

  • Planning, Organizing and Coordination;
  • Records and Information Management
  • Concern for quality and standards
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Time management
  1. Job Title :                 Parish Chief

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/10/2018

          No. of posts          :                  Ten

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Sub County Chief

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                           To carry out the overall administration and management of a Parish Unit in the Local Government


  • Performance reports on Parish operations prepared;
  • Revenue in the Parish collected and accounted for;
  • Work Plans and Budgets for the operation of the Parish prepared;
  • National and Local Government policies and programmes implemented and Council bye-laws
  • enforced in the parish;
  • Parish Community mobilized for developmental programmes;
  • Technical support to Parish Council provided;
  • Parish Council minutes recorded and resolutions disseminated to the relevant authorities;
  • Government and District Projects and programmes implemented at the parish; and
  • Law and order in a parish coordinated and maintained.


Diploma in Public Administration and Management, Social and Social Administration, Development Studies or Business Administration.

 (ii) Competences:

  • Planning, organizing and coordinating;
  • Mobilization skills;
  • Records Management;
  • Communication effectively;

 Job Title  :             Law Enforcement Officer

Job Ref:                                 KSE/DSC/156/11/2018 

No of posts   :                       One

Salary Scale        :            U6

Reports To        :            S   enior Law Enforcement Officer

Responsible For                        :            Assistant Law Enforcement Officer

Job Purpose

To maintain law and order and enforce regulations in the Municipality.

Key Functions

  • Enforcing national laws and Council by-laws;
  • Detecting, arresting, preparing charge sheets and prosecuting law breakers;
  • Sensitizing the public on crime prevention;
  • Protecting life and property of eth resident


          “O” Level Education plus a Diploma in Law with formal training in policing and Criminal

Investigation activities from a recognized institution


          Four year’s experience in Law enforcement activities.


          Evidence act training skills;

          Communicating effectively;

          Self confidence;

          Ethics and Integrity;

          Time management; and

          Physical fitness

  1. Job Title :                 Assistant Inventory Management Officer

          Ref                                 KSE/DSC/156/12/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One (1)

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Inventory Management Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                           To receive, issue and record stores in the organisation.


  • Receiving, keeping, retrieving and issuing stores in accordance with the established procedures
  • Receiving and compiling requisition orders
  • Verifying invoices against GRNs
  • Posting and maintaining stores records
  • Stock taking and stock inspection.


 A Diploma in Stores / supplies Management or Procurement  or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.l


  • Records and information management
  • Planning, Organizing and Coordination
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Accountability
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Concern for quality and standards
  • Time management
  1. Job Title  :             Law Enforcement Assistant

Ref:                                                                   KSE/DSC/156/13/2018

No. of posts                                      :              Two (2)

Salary Scale                               :             U8

Reports To                                 :              Assistant Law Enforcement Officer

Job Purpose

To enforce law and order in the Municipality.

Key Functions

  • Enforcing adherence to regulations and by-laws by the public;
  • Supporting the Tax/Revenue department by arresting tax defaulters;
  • Carrying out operations as authorized by the T.C;
  • Investing and prosecuting the criminals.


O” Level Education plus a Diploma in Law with formal training in policing and Criminal

Investigation activities from a recognized institution

(ii)        Competences:

          Evidence act training skills;

          Communicating effectively ; Time management; and Physical fitness,

  1. Job tittle: Askari

          Job Ref                 KSE/DSC/156/14/2018

          No of posts           Two (2)

Salary Scale:           U8

Reports to:             Office Supervisor

Job purpose:          To provide security services to the organization

Key duties 

 Checking and properly locking premises at the close of the day

  • Apprehending and questioning suspects for proper identification
  • Directing visitors to the reception for more information
  • Reporting theft case and preparing reports to the authorities
  • Patrolling premises to ensure maximum security
  • Maintaing security of government vehicles
  • Keeping security at important entry points


O’Level certificate with training in security


 Job Title :                 District Engineer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/15/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :       U1E

Reports to  :                 Chief Administrative Officer

Responsible for :           Senior Civil Engineers

Senior Assistant Engineering Officer (Mechanical).

Type of appointment:   Permanent and Pensionable

 Job Purpose          :                 To coordinate and manage all engineering and technical works in the District..

Key Duties:         

  • Providing technical advice and guidance to stakeholders;
  • Preparing technical specifications of contracts;
  • Supervising all the technical works in the District;
  • Preparing work plans and budgets for the technical works in the District;
  • Approving buildings and other structural plans;
  • Developing and maintaining water and sanitation systems; and
  • Enforcing engineering and works policies.


  • Should hold an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized
  • University or Institution.
  • Should also have a Masters in an engineering discipline.
  • Should be a registered Engineer with Uganda Engineers Registration Board (UERB).


 At least nine (9) years in a civil engineering job three of which should have been at the level of Principal Engineer (Civil) in Government or equivalent level of experience from a reputable



 Project management;

 Human resource management;

 Information technology;

 Accountability;

 Concern for quality and standards;

 Ethics and integrity;

 Leadership; and

 Time management.

  1. Job Title :                 Engineering Assistant (Electrical)

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/16/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U7

Reports to  :                 Assistant Engineering Officer – Electrical

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                           To carry out routine maintenance, repair and calibration of hospital and medical equipment.


  • Routine maintenance, repair and calibration of hospital and medical equipment provided;
  • Inventory of medical equipment within the hospital updated and maintained; and
  • Technicians and Artisans trained in medical equipment repair and maintenance.


 Should have O’ Level plus craft course (Electrical Installation).

ii) Competences

  • Records Management
  • Time management; and
  • Concern for quality and standards.
  1. Job Title :                 Borehole Maintenance Technician

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/17/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U7

Reports to  :                 Assistant Engineering Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation


  • Servicing Boreholes
  • Training and supervising local pump mechanics
  • Enforcing Community Based maintenance system
  • Preparing status periodic reports


  • ‘A’ level plus a certificate in Mechanical Engineering from a recognized institution
  1. Job Title     :                 Driver

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/18/2018.

          No. of posts          :                  Four (4)

Salary Scale :                U8

Reports to  :                 Officer Assigned

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To drive and maintain Local Government vehicle in accordance with the transport policy; and as directed by the supervising officer.


  • Vehicle driven as assigned;
  • Vehicle cleaned, maintained and minor repairs carried out;
  • Major mechanical faults reported;
  • Basic vehicle records maintained; and
  • Vehicle safely kept.


Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with a pass in English Language.

Valid Driving Permit of Class C or D.


 Basic Knowledge of mechanical and vehicle maintenance;

  • Clean driving record;
  • Public Relations and Customer Care;
  • Time Management; and


  1. 1. Job Title :                 Tourism Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/19/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :                 U4

Reports to  :                 District Commercial Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To promote tourism and t initiatives/ campaigns with the aim of generating and increasing revenue.


  • Preparing tourist or visitor information
  • Producing promotional material and displays
  • Managing budgets
  • Writing reports, business plans and press releases
  • Making presentations
  • Maintaining statistical and financial records
  • Undertaking day to day centre management and administration
  • Liaising with Local businesses and the media
  • Carrying out market research


  • Should have an Honors’ Degree in either Languages, Tourism and Travel, Leisure and Hospitality, Business Studies or Marketing from a recognized education and training institution
  • At least 1  year working experience with museums or in any commercial area of sales, marketing and retailing.


  • IT skills
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating
  • Strategic thinking
  • Networking and teamwork




 Job Title :                 Assistant Engineering Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/20/2018.

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Sen. Asst. Engineering Officer (Water)

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To install and support the provision of clean and safe water as well as sanitation facilities in the Municipality.


  • Work plans and budgets prepared;
  • Water and sanitation facilities supervised;
  • Communities sensitized and supported; and
  • Data on the status of water and sanitation collected.


Should hold a Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering from a recognized institution;

(ii) Competences

  • Project Management;
  • Records and information management ;
  • Time management; and
  • Concern for quality and standard


 Job Title :                 Veterinary Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/21/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U4

Reports to  :                 Senior Veterinary Officer

Responsible for :           Assistant Veterinary Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

Job Purpose         :                 To control animal diseases, treat sick animals and carry out better animal production activities.


  • Occurrence and spread of animal diseases controlled;
  • Sick animals treated and animal owners advised in handling sick animals;
  • Leaders, Administrators and animal owners trained and guided for better animal production;
  • Livestock markets and holding grounds inspected;
  • Processors and handlers of food and by-products of animal origin inspected and advised; and
  • Farmers guided in pasture management, structure construction and farm management


A Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medicine from a recognized University


  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • Planning organizing and coordinating;
  • Accountability;
  • Diagnose and treat animals;
  • Ethics and integrity;
  • Time management; and