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National earth hour to be celebrated in Kasese

Kasese District Local Government (KDLG) and the Ministry of Water and Environment in partnership with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) have organised the Earth Hour™ 2018 celebrations to take place in Kasese District.

Earth Hour is the world’s largest grassroots environmental movement with a mission to Unite People to Protect the Planet taking place in over 7,000 cities and 180 countries and territories. It mobilises hundreds of millions of people around the world to make a stand against climate change. Every year in March, Earth Hour celebrates the symbolic ‘lights-off’ hour from 8:30-9:30pm local time.

This year marks the 11th year since inception of this Campaign and the celebrations are being hosted in Kasese District due to its biodiversity significance to the country and beyond. The Rwenzori Mountains is global biodiversity hotspot and a water tower providing key ecosystem services and supplying essential natural resources to the public.  During COP21, images of the Rwenzori Mountains were beamed live to the participants in Paris highlighting the landscape as one impacted by Climate Change calling for quick action.

In Uganda this campaign has registered success such the first ever Earth Hour forest in the world where 250 hectares of degraded forest has been restored.    It has also increasingly engaged young people in developing solutions and innovative approaches to conservation. The first ever Earth Hour Walk, a 370km walk from Kampala to Kasese has been organized  aimed at raising awareness on the enormous loss of green cover and to drum up support to plant more trees.  This walk will climax on 24th March 2018 on Earth Hour day leading us to our grand celebrations.


Kasese District Local Government together with the District women’s council in a special way will be celebrating the International women’s day under the theme: “Empowerment of Rural Women and Girls: Opportunities and challenges.” The celebration will be held at Katholhu Primary school in Nyakiyumbu Sub County along Kasese-Bwera road starting on Thursday 22/03/2018 starting at 9.00AM. The Chief Guest is expected to be Gen. Salim Salleh. You are hereby all invited to attend.
District Chairperson





Applications are invited from suitably qualified Ugandans to fill the following vacant posts that exist in the service of Kasese District Local Government and Kasese Municipal Council.

Applications should be submitted in triplicate on PSF Form 3 (Revised 2008) to the Secretary District Service Commission P.O. Box 250, Kasese to reach him not later than 20th March 2018 at 5:00 pm.

Application forms are obtainable from the Chief Administrative Officer’s Office, Secretaries of District Service Commissions or the Public Service Commission and the District Website. Hand written applications with detailed curriculum vitae are also acceptable.

Applications should bear the title and Reference Number of the post applied.

Applicants who are serving officers should route their applications through their Heads of Department who should be informed of the closing date to avoid delay

Applicants should attach to each of the three application forms or hand written application forms or hand written application letters three (3) sets of certified photocopies of their certified certificates, testimonials and three (3) of their recent passport size photographs.

Serving applicants should attach copies of letter(s) of appointment, confirmation and promotion if any, where applicable.

Applicants can also view the Job Descriptions and Specifications from the District website or


 Job Title :                 District Finance Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/01/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :       U1E

Reports to  :                 Chief Administrative Officer

Responsible for :           Senior Finance Officer (Revenue and Budget)

Senior Accountant (Expenditure and Accounts)

Type of appointment:   Permanent and Pensionable

 Job Purpose          :                 To provide guidance and technical support, to the Management on proper management and accountability for the financial resources of the District in the accordance with the financial laws;

 Key Duties:

  • Collection of Revenue supervised;
  • Books of accounts and accounting records prepared;
  • Financial transactions verified and sanctioned;
  • Budgets and work plans prepared and coordinated;
  • Financial statements and reports prepared;
  • Audit queries answered;
  • Technical support to Council on financial matters provided through the Chief Administrative
  • Officer;
  • Revenue sources reviewed and alternatives identified;
  • Procurement and prompt payments for goods and services timely done;
  • Staff in the Finance Department supervised and performance assessed; and
  • Financial policy, regulations and professional practices enforced.


 EITHER : An Honors Bachelors Degree in either Commerce (Accounting option) or Business

Administration (Accounting option) or Business Studies ( Accounting option) or Finance and

Accounting plus full Professional Accounting Qualifications such as ACCA, CPA, ACIS and CPE

from a recognized University/institution.

OR Full professional qualification in Accounting such as ACCA, CPA, ACIS and CPE obtained from a recognised Institution and accredited by Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) plus a minimum of a Post graduate Diploma in Financial Management or Business Administration from a recognised awarding institution.


At least nine (9) years experience in accounting three (3) of which should have been served at the level of Principal Finance Officer in Government or equivalent level of experience from a

reputable organization.


  • Financial Management;
  • Planning, Budgeting and coordinating;
  • Good interpersonal skills
  1. Job Title:                    Assistant Tax Officer

Job Ref:                               KSE/DSC/156/02/2018

No. of posts:                        One             

Salary Scale:                      U6

Reports to:                        Urban Treasurer

Job Purpose

To assess and collect taxes from tax payers.

Key Functions

  • Assessing Tax payers in the Urban Council;
  • Collecting Taxes within the Urban Council; and
  • Establishing and enumerating Taxable property in the Urban Counci

Person Specifications

(i)           Qualifications

A Minimum of a Diploma with a bias either in Accounting or, Financial Management or, Business Studies/Administration with Accounting and/or Financial Management as a subject obtained from a recognised awarding Institution.

(ii)        Competences

          Financial Management;

          Ethics and integrity;

          Assertiveness and self confidence;

          Communicating effectively;

          Public relations and customer care; and


 Job Title :                 Education Assistant G.II (Grade III Teacher)

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/03/2018

          No. of posts          :                  Twenty (20)

Salary Scale :                U7

Reports to  :                 Senior Education Assistant

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To teach, examine and assess learners’ progress on an on-going basis in order to ensure functional  literacy, numeracy and basic communication skills.


  • To prepare the schemes of work and lesson plans in line with the approved curriculum on termly
  • and weekly basis.
  • To conduct lessons and remedial work according to the set timetable.
  • To participate in setting, administering and marking internal and external examinations.
  • To carry out continuous assessment and evaluation of pupils performance.
  • To prepare and select appropriate learning aids/materials for classroom teaching.
  • To keep and maintain class records /inventory (Registers, records of work , progress reports and


  • Minimum of a Grade III teaching Certificate or the equivalent from a recognized Institution
  • Registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports


 Guidance and counseling skills,

  • Pedagogical skills,
  • Psychological skills,
  • Child development skills,
  • Computer Literacy,
  • Record keeping,
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills,
  • Environment and Primary Healthcare,


 1. Job Title :                 Senior Agricultural Engineer (Water for production)

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/05/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U3

Reports to  :                 Principal Agricultural Officer

Responsible for :           Agricultural Engineer

Type of appointment:   Permanent and pensionable

 Job Purpose          :                 To initiate, develop and advise on agricultural technology transfer and adaptability in areas of soil and water conservation, agricultural engineering, water harvesting and irrigation.


  • Systems for suitable utilization of land and water Resources initiated and developed;
  • Strategies for utilization and engineering technologies that enhance land and water productivity
  • developed;
  • Technical guidance to farmers and district leaders on sustainable land adaption of engineering
  • technologies provided;
  • Mechanisms/systems for integrated, improved land, soil and water management and irrigation
  • supported and developed;
  • District data on land use, soil conservation, farming systems and irrigation potential compiled and
  • analyzed;
  • Linkages with research for securing and adapting appropriate technologies established; and
  • District staff advised on recent developments in water harvesting and management of fragile soils


Should have an Honors BSc. Degree in Agriculture Engineering or mechanical engineering plus a minimum of a Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural/Farm Planning from a recognized Institution/university.

 (ii) Experience:

 Should have 3 years working experience at a level of agriculture Engineer in government or

equivalent level of experience from a reputable organization.

(iii) Competences

  • Project management;
  • Accountability;
  • Ethics and Integrity;
  • Communication;
  • Concern for quality and standards; and
  • Time management.
  1. Job Title :                 Fisheries Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/06/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One (1)

Salary Scale :                U4

Reports to  :                 Senior Fisheries Officer

Responsible for :           Assistant Fisheries Officer.

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To support the increase and sustainable fish production from natural water bodies and fish farming.


  • Quality of fish from natural water bodies and fish farming controlled;
  • Fish diversity conserved from natural water bodies and fish farming;
  • Fisheries regulations enforced in liaison with Stakeholders;
  • Quality and Quantity fry fish supplied to fish farmers;
  • Fish at landing sites and fish markets inspected; and
  • Fish folk training in improved fish farming practices.


An Honors Degree of Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology, Fisheries or Aquatic Biology from a recognized University or institution..


  • Project management;
  • Communicating effectively;
  • Concern for quality and standards; and
  • Time management.Job Title :                 Assistant Veterinary Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/07/2018

          No. of posts          :                  Seven (7)

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Animal Husbandry Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

Job Purpose         :                 To increase animal production and productivity


  • Livestock, other domestic animals and poultry treated and vaccinated;
  • Farmers trained on modern animal husbandry methods and animal nutrition;
  • Increased number of animal products registered;
  • Data on livestock and poultry collected and documented; and
  • Quarantine enforced


  • A Diploma in Animal Health, Animal Husbandry, Dairy Husbandry or Ranch Management from a recognised Institution.


 Job Title :                 Records Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/08/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One (1)

Salary Scale :                U4

Reports to  :                 Senior Records Officer

Responsible for :           Assistant Records Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose         :                 To maintain the records in the Registry and Resource Centre in an accessible form to end users.


  • Records received, registered and classified;
  • Files opened for keeping classified information and closed when due;
  • Information and mails routed to officers responsible for action;
  • Records and record systems periodically audited in the district;
  • Information in the registry and resource centre organised and administered;
  • Confidential matters handled as prescribed;


An Honours Bachelors Degree in Library and Information Science from a recognised Institution;


Records and Information Management;

  • Concern for quality and standards
  • Information Communications Technology;
  • Communication; and
  • Time Management.
  1. Job Title :                 Senior Office Supervisor

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/09/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :       U5

Reports to  :                 Senior Assistant Secretary (Administration)

Responsible for :           Office Supervisor

Type of appointment:   Permanent and Pensionable

Job Purpose          :                 To supervise and facilitate cleaning of office environment, security and provide office stationery and equipment.


  • Office premises, furniture and equipment maintained in good condition;
  • Distribution and use of office equipment, furniture and stationery coordinated;
  • Work plans and budgets prepared and produced;
  • Utility bills promptly paid;
  • Inventory of issued office equipment and materials kept and maintained;
  • Inventory of office assets and properties maintained;
  • Security of office premises, equipment and vehicles coordinated; and
  • Requirements of user departments identified and determined


EITHER a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes including credits in

Mathematics and English Language plus a Diploma in Office Management from a recognized

awarding institution,

OR a Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes including credits in

Mathematics and English Language plus six (6) years of experience, three (3) of which must

have been at Office Supervisor level in a public or reputable private organization.

(ii) Experience

Experience of three (3) years as Office Supervisor in a Public or Private reputable organization.

(iii) Competences

  • Planning, Organizing and Coordination;
  • Records and Information Management
  • Concern for quality and standards
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Time management
  1. Job Title :                 Parish Chief

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/10/2018

          No. of posts          :                  Ten

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Sub County Chief

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                           To carry out the overall administration and management of a Parish Unit in the Local Government


  • Performance reports on Parish operations prepared;
  • Revenue in the Parish collected and accounted for;
  • Work Plans and Budgets for the operation of the Parish prepared;
  • National and Local Government policies and programmes implemented and Council bye-laws
  • enforced in the parish;
  • Parish Community mobilized for developmental programmes;
  • Technical support to Parish Council provided;
  • Parish Council minutes recorded and resolutions disseminated to the relevant authorities;
  • Government and District Projects and programmes implemented at the parish; and
  • Law and order in a parish coordinated and maintained.


Diploma in Public Administration and Management, Social and Social Administration, Development Studies or Business Administration.

 (ii) Competences:

  • Planning, organizing and coordinating;
  • Mobilization skills;
  • Records Management;
  • Communication effectively;

 Job Title  :             Law Enforcement Officer

Job Ref:                                 KSE/DSC/156/11/2018 

No of posts   :                       One

Salary Scale        :            U6

Reports To        :            S   enior Law Enforcement Officer

Responsible For                        :            Assistant Law Enforcement Officer

Job Purpose

To maintain law and order and enforce regulations in the Municipality.

Key Functions

  • Enforcing national laws and Council by-laws;
  • Detecting, arresting, preparing charge sheets and prosecuting law breakers;
  • Sensitizing the public on crime prevention;
  • Protecting life and property of eth resident


          “O” Level Education plus a Diploma in Law with formal training in policing and Criminal

Investigation activities from a recognized institution


          Four year’s experience in Law enforcement activities.


          Evidence act training skills;

          Communicating effectively;

          Self confidence;

          Ethics and Integrity;

          Time management; and

          Physical fitness

  1. Job Title :                 Assistant Inventory Management Officer

          Ref                                 KSE/DSC/156/12/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One (1)

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Inventory Management Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                           To receive, issue and record stores in the organisation.


  • Receiving, keeping, retrieving and issuing stores in accordance with the established procedures
  • Receiving and compiling requisition orders
  • Verifying invoices against GRNs
  • Posting and maintaining stores records
  • Stock taking and stock inspection.


 A Diploma in Stores / supplies Management or Procurement  or equivalent qualification from a recognized institution.l


  • Records and information management
  • Planning, Organizing and Coordination
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Accountability
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Concern for quality and standards
  • Time management
  1. Job Title  :             Law Enforcement Assistant

Ref:                                                                   KSE/DSC/156/13/2018

No. of posts                                      :              Two (2)

Salary Scale                               :             U8

Reports To                                 :              Assistant Law Enforcement Officer

Job Purpose

To enforce law and order in the Municipality.

Key Functions

  • Enforcing adherence to regulations and by-laws by the public;
  • Supporting the Tax/Revenue department by arresting tax defaulters;
  • Carrying out operations as authorized by the T.C;
  • Investing and prosecuting the criminals.


O” Level Education plus a Diploma in Law with formal training in policing and Criminal

Investigation activities from a recognized institution

(ii)        Competences:

          Evidence act training skills;

          Communicating effectively ; Time management; and Physical fitness,

  1. Job tittle: Askari

          Job Ref                 KSE/DSC/156/14/2018

          No of posts           Two (2)

Salary Scale:           U8

Reports to:             Office Supervisor

Job purpose:          To provide security services to the organization

Key duties 

 Checking and properly locking premises at the close of the day

  • Apprehending and questioning suspects for proper identification
  • Directing visitors to the reception for more information
  • Reporting theft case and preparing reports to the authorities
  • Patrolling premises to ensure maximum security
  • Maintaing security of government vehicles
  • Keeping security at important entry points


O’Level certificate with training in security


 Job Title :                 District Engineer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/15/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :       U1E

Reports to  :                 Chief Administrative Officer

Responsible for :           Senior Civil Engineers

Senior Assistant Engineering Officer (Mechanical).

Type of appointment:   Permanent and Pensionable

 Job Purpose          :                 To coordinate and manage all engineering and technical works in the District..

Key Duties:         

  • Providing technical advice and guidance to stakeholders;
  • Preparing technical specifications of contracts;
  • Supervising all the technical works in the District;
  • Preparing work plans and budgets for the technical works in the District;
  • Approving buildings and other structural plans;
  • Developing and maintaining water and sanitation systems; and
  • Enforcing engineering and works policies.


  • Should hold an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from a recognized
  • University or Institution.
  • Should also have a Masters in an engineering discipline.
  • Should be a registered Engineer with Uganda Engineers Registration Board (UERB).


 At least nine (9) years in a civil engineering job three of which should have been at the level of Principal Engineer (Civil) in Government or equivalent level of experience from a reputable



 Project management;

 Human resource management;

 Information technology;

 Accountability;

 Concern for quality and standards;

 Ethics and integrity;

 Leadership; and

 Time management.

  1. Job Title :                 Engineering Assistant (Electrical)

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/16/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U7

Reports to  :                 Assistant Engineering Officer – Electrical

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                           To carry out routine maintenance, repair and calibration of hospital and medical equipment.


  • Routine maintenance, repair and calibration of hospital and medical equipment provided;
  • Inventory of medical equipment within the hospital updated and maintained; and
  • Technicians and Artisans trained in medical equipment repair and maintenance.


 Should have O’ Level plus craft course (Electrical Installation).

ii) Competences

  • Records Management
  • Time management; and
  • Concern for quality and standards.
  1. Job Title :                 Borehole Maintenance Technician

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/17/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U7

Reports to  :                 Assistant Engineering Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation


  • Servicing Boreholes
  • Training and supervising local pump mechanics
  • Enforcing Community Based maintenance system
  • Preparing status periodic reports


  • ‘A’ level plus a certificate in Mechanical Engineering from a recognized institution
  1. Job Title     :                 Driver

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/18/2018.

          No. of posts          :                  Four (4)

Salary Scale :                U8

Reports to  :                 Officer Assigned

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To drive and maintain Local Government vehicle in accordance with the transport policy; and as directed by the supervising officer.


  • Vehicle driven as assigned;
  • Vehicle cleaned, maintained and minor repairs carried out;
  • Major mechanical faults reported;
  • Basic vehicle records maintained; and
  • Vehicle safely kept.


Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with a pass in English Language.

Valid Driving Permit of Class C or D.


 Basic Knowledge of mechanical and vehicle maintenance;

  • Clean driving record;
  • Public Relations and Customer Care;
  • Time Management; and


  1. 1. Job Title :                 Tourism Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/19/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale         :                 U4

Reports to  :                 District Commercial Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To promote tourism and t initiatives/ campaigns with the aim of generating and increasing revenue.


  • Preparing tourist or visitor information
  • Producing promotional material and displays
  • Managing budgets
  • Writing reports, business plans and press releases
  • Making presentations
  • Maintaining statistical and financial records
  • Undertaking day to day centre management and administration
  • Liaising with Local businesses and the media
  • Carrying out market research


  • Should have an Honors’ Degree in either Languages, Tourism and Travel, Leisure and Hospitality, Business Studies or Marketing from a recognized education and training institution
  • At least 1  year working experience with museums or in any commercial area of sales, marketing and retailing.


  • IT skills
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating
  • Strategic thinking
  • Networking and teamwork




 Job Title :                 Assistant Engineering Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/20/2018.

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U5

Reports to  :                 Sen. Asst. Engineering Officer (Water)

Type of appointment:   Probation

 Job Purpose          :                 To install and support the provision of clean and safe water as well as sanitation facilities in the Municipality.


  • Work plans and budgets prepared;
  • Water and sanitation facilities supervised;
  • Communities sensitized and supported; and
  • Data on the status of water and sanitation collected.


Should hold a Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering from a recognized institution;

(ii) Competences

  • Project Management;
  • Records and information management ;
  • Time management; and
  • Concern for quality and standard


 Job Title :                 Veterinary Officer

          Ref.             :                 KSE/DSC/156/21/2018

          No. of posts          :                  One

Salary Scale :                U4

Reports to  :                 Senior Veterinary Officer

Responsible for :           Assistant Veterinary Officer

Type of appointment:   Probation

Job Purpose         :                 To control animal diseases, treat sick animals and carry out better animal production activities.


  • Occurrence and spread of animal diseases controlled;
  • Sick animals treated and animal owners advised in handling sick animals;
  • Leaders, Administrators and animal owners trained and guided for better animal production;
  • Livestock markets and holding grounds inspected;
  • Processors and handlers of food and by-products of animal origin inspected and advised; and
  • Farmers guided in pasture management, structure construction and farm management


A Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Medicine from a recognized University


  • Coaching and mentoring;
  • Planning organizing and coordinating;
  • Accountability;
  • Diagnose and treat animals;
  • Ethics and integrity;
  • Time management; and




Kasese District Planning and Budget Conference 2018/19

The District Budget Conference for the coming FY 2018/19 has started in good mood this morning under the Theme: “Doing things differently to achieve Sustainable Social-Economic Development in Kasese” at the Multi-Purpose Hall opposite Kasese air field.

A number of dignitaries like the RDC, The District Chairperson, The CAO, Heads of Departments, Honorable Counselors, Members form the private sector have graced the occasion.

A number of pertinent issues have been addressed among which are;

  1. Calling upon unity
  2. All people should prepare themselves for opportunities like the coming urban councils that are to be created
  3. Utilizing the tourism opportunities around Kasese.
  4. Preserving the climate, wetlands and afforestation
  5. Educating children
  6. 6. Promoting production through utilizing coffee and Operational Wealth Creation

Many more are coming.


Seasonal rainfall outlook March-May 2018

March to May (MAM) constitutes the first major rainfall season in Uganda. During
the 48th Climate Outlook Forum for the Greater Horn of Africa held in Mombasa,
Kenya from 12th to 13th February 2018, the national, regional and international
climate scientists reviewed the state of the global climate system and its implications
on the seasonal rainfall over the East African region. It was observed that the major
physical conditions likely to influence the weather conditions of Uganda and the rest
of the region for the forecast period of March to May 2018 are as follows:
i) The predicted evolution of Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs)including neutral
phase of Indian Ocean Dipole and the anticipated evolution from La Nina to
neutral ENSO conditions in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean (No El Niño
& no La Niña);
ii) The influence of regional circulation patterns, topographical features and
large inland water bodies.Click here to download detailed report..

Kasese budget suffers donor blow

By John B. Thawite

The Kasese district budget for the financial year ending has suffered a major blow arising from reduced donor funding.

According to the district vice chairperson, Elly Magwara, the district had by end of April realised only 890.655m/= out of the expected Shs2,031,655,000  to from Unicef, putting the district budget performance at 41%.

“At the mid-term evaluation at the end of December 2016, adjustments were made on donor support from Shs Shs2,031b to 890.655m/=  due to the poor performance from Unicef where disbursements had been affected due to the global economic recession,” Magwara noted.

Magwara, who also doubles as secretary for finance, planning and administration, wason Friday presenting the 2017/2018 financial year budget estimates, worth Shs57, 345,894,051 during the Council sitting held at the district multipurpose hall.

The district had estimated to spend up from Shs53,449,348,000 in the year ending, he said..

But he said the district had continued to budget for Unicef support despite poor performance during the year ending “because the organisation has indicated that they will support the district again.”

Revenue sources

Magwara said the district expected to raise the Shs57,345,894,051 from local revenue (shs1.916,370,000), Central Government (53,097,868,551) and Shs2,331,655,500 from donors, accounting for 3.4%, 92..% and 4.1% respectively.

If the 57,345,894,051/= for service delivery were to be distributed among the residents, each person would have only Shs81,686 to spend on services in the entire 2017/2018 financial year.


He said salaries, including pension and gratuity, are to consume a total of Shs36,631,221,921 or 64% while  11.4bn of the revenue will be spent on recurrent activities to support decentralisation and key service delivery projects.

Shs 4.3bn is to go to development projects especially health, education, roads and production while donor about Shs2.331bn is to go into donor development projects.

He challenged the district leaders to engage the community for additional revenue.

Past achievements

Outlining a catalogue of achievements, which included class room blocks, roads, the district chairman, Godfrey Sibendire Bigogo, he said district had also undertaken the construction of other projects including mini-Irrigation schemes to mitigate the unpredictable weather patterns.

“People owning land along roads should grow trees to avert the increasingly negative climatic changes in the district,” Bigogo urged.

District Budget at glance

 Administration: 6,013,154,675, Finance: 386,873,000., Statutory bodies: 871,280,000, Production and Marketing: 827,546,439, Health: 9,727,617,317,  Education – 29,387,461,506, Roads and engineering:2,663,235,865, Water: 793,237858, Natural resources: 683,649,859, Community-Based Services: 2,434,511,401,  Planning Unit: 753,908,388, Internal Audit: 76,873,000, Transfers to lower local governments: 2,720,671,744.


Shortlist for Enrolled Midwives (MoH)


The following short-listed applicants for the post of Enrolled Midwife (MoH) are required to appear before the Selection Board of the District Service Commission on the date stipulated below. The venue will be in the Board Room of the  District Service Commission. The Shortlist can also be viewed on the District Website: or

Date:  16th May 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

1 Masika Sharon
2 Mbambu Carolyne
3 Nzyabake Christine
4 Muhindo Jovia
5 Musoki Patience
6 Ithungu Annah
7 Nahabwe Sheila
8 Kabugho Lydia
9 Malikidogo Doris
10 Mbambu Moreen
11 Biira Sophia
12 Sibyaleghana Thungu Annet
13 Nyamigisa Marizane
14 Baghenda Delilah
15 Asiimwe Jovia
16 Muhyana Moreen
17 Mulengwa Annet
18 Biira Scovia
19 Biira Hope Robina
20 Masika Jolly
21 Biirondwe Immaculate
22 Musoki Roset
23 Natukunda Fortunate
24 Muhindo Clarice
25 Kabatoro Edreen
26 Kabugho Dorothy

Date:  17th May 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

1 Ategeka Rinic
2 Katusime Angelline
3 Musoki Edina
4 Masika Ronah
5 Kabugho Sarah
6 Biira Moreen
7 Biira Julia
8 Masika Mackline
9 Biira Medrece
10 Night Agatha Audrine
11 Biira Lilian
12 Ithungu Sadrace
13 Bikalema Doreen
14 Kyakimwa Robina
15 Nuwahereza Edridah
16 Muhindo Peace
17 Mbambu Kisomo Angela
18 Muhindo Meres
19 Kabugho Christine
20 Muhindo Scovia
21 Biira Constance
22 Kabugho Naume
23 Nakiyemba Mayimunah
24 Mbindule Evelyn
25 Biira Fedress
26 Masika Caroline











Date:  18th May 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

1 Muhindo Olivia
2 Kathungu Ritah
3 Kiconco Dativa
4 Biira Racheal
5 Asiimwe Aminah
6 Biira Eliza Matembele
7 Biira Macyline
8 Kabasomi Gedi
9 Biira Joy
10 Masika Jackline
11 Kugonza Doreen
12 Namukooli Caroline
13 Biira Rosemmary
14 Masika Meresi
15 Tusiime Peace
16 Biira Joseline
17 Biira Zelina
18 Owayezu Maxansia
19 Biira Millian
20 Patience Roseline
21 Masika Naome
22 Biira Verina
23 Businge Gorret
24 Mbambu Moreen
25 Masika Silivia
26 Muhindo Daphine
27 Kamusimire Judith











Date:  19th May 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

1 Mbambu Faith
2 Muhindo Lilian
3 Kabiira Jesca
4 Masika Martha
5 Lucky Anita
6 Biira Patience
7 Musoki Jackline Sikawa
8 Gilena Judith
9 Owomugisha Mackline
10 Nyangoma Doreen
11 Syalyambene Agnes
12 Ithungu Gloria
13 Kabugho Jesca
14 Kabugho Janet
15 Orishaba Rosemary
16 Biira Hodilah
17 Rusama Mercy
18 Ithungu Jackline
19 Ithungu Jesca
20 Ithungu Annet
21 Kabugho Racheal
22 Mbambu Zakia
23 Kyakimwa Joviah
24 Masika Jolly
25 Musiimenta Josephine
26 Biira Joyce
27 Komujuni EuniceAll candidates Must bring originals of any certificates that they may hold e.g ‘O’ and A  Level, Diploma Certificate and Transcripts, Registration Certificates, Valid Practicing Licence,  and Identity Cards.

Miramagho Joshua





Shortlist for teachers 2017


The following short-listed applicants for the post of Education Assistant   are required to appear before the Selection Board of the District Service Commission on the date stipulated below. The venue will be the Board Room of the District Service Commission. The Shortlist can also be viewed on the District Website: or

Date: 12th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.

1 3 Biira Margret III/2010/6294
2 6 Bwambale Amoni III/2009/2769
3 7 Mbambu Juliet III/2009/7026
4 8  Kalisia Nason III/2010/5649
5 10 Bwambale Tomasi III/2012/3351
6 13 Baluku Alfred III/2006/2111
7 14 Manizabayo Ronald III/2011/423
8 15 Mbambu Phoebe III/2009/3640
9 17 Biira Annet  Bakalhania III/2008/2782
10 18 Mbabazi  Judith III/2006/2848
11 21 Bwambale Philber III/2009/3945
12 22 Kambasu Neckson III/2012/3463
13 26 Mbindule Juliet  Nyanza III/2011/5736
14 27 Biira  Mary III/2009/8940
15 28 Mutende  Zaliphosi III/2011/4819
16 31 Kabugho Sarah III/2012/3298
17 32 Kamalha Simion III/2012/3319
18 33 Bwambale  Possiano III/2010/6151
19 35 Mukongoma Joel III/2013/5695
20 36 Mbambu Moreen III/2013/3790
21 37 Kathungu  Scovia III/2011/3770
22 39 Mukonzo  Jackson III/2012/3439
23 40 Masereka Selestine III/2010/1271
24 41 Marahi Manasi III/2013/3459
25 43 Biira  Suzan III/2010/6286
26 46 Kabugho  Adrona III/2010/6256


All candidates MUST bring originals of  certificates that they  hold e.g ‘O’ and/ or A’ Level certificates, Certificate of  Registration and Teaching certificates, copies of certified documents with a live stamp  together with Identity Cards.





Date: 13th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.


1 47 Masereka  Amos III/2012/3409
2 48 Karwani Yoweri III/2010/1231
3 49 Kabugho  Joness III/2009/2084
4 51 Byakuma Hosea III/2012/3495
5 52 Biira  Jojina III/2013/3676
6 53 Biira Sylivia III/2010/1508
7 54 Kyakimwa Medius III/2011/3788
8 55 Bogere  John III/2010/1121
9 59 Biira  Doreen III/2010/6290
10 60 Sibalingana  Edson III/2010/5419
11 61 Masereka Jockus III/2008/4799
12 62 Masereka Yeremia III/2013/3529
13 67 Rutewa James III/2010/5621
14 68 Kahindo Yonah III/2010/1221
15 69 Isemuthahwa  John III/2004/6435
16 72 Tukurukiyimana  Amos III/2013/5743
17 73 Bwambale  Lazarous III/2004/6563
18 74 Tera  Hannington III/2009/13569
19 78 Muhindo  Joy III/2012/5302
20 80 Biira  Mary Goret III/2010/6306
21 81 Kathungu Inned III/2010/6348
22 83 Isemuthahwa  Edson III/2011/3683
23 84 Masereka  Gedion III/2011/3639
24 86 Masereka  Eriabu III/2008/793
25 89 Samanya  Neverless III/2011/3836
26 90 Bwambale  Stephen III/2006/7883


Date: 14th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.

1 91 Kabasomi  Gorret III/2013/3544
2 92 Bwambale King James III/2005/2755
3 93 Mbambu  Mirriam III/2012/3456
4 95 Biira  Jackline III/2010/5780
5 96 Kabugho  Jenever III/2010/5786
6 97 Baluku  Robert III/2011/4877
7 99 Biira Kuhanda Roset III/2011/3740
8 101 Mutsele Julius III/2012/3563
9 103 Bakalhania  Faibi III/2012/3412
10 104 Mbambu  Eseri III/2010/6394
11 105 Agaba Matia Amooti III/2013/3329
12 106 Kanyesiigye  Dorcus III/2009/4736
13 107 Kyakimwa Sabuni  Prossy III/2010/6366
14 110 Kighoma  Sadres III/2006/2884
15 113 Bwambale  Moris III/2012/3505
16 114 Ithungu  Enid III/2009/8946
17 115 Biira  Margret III/2013/3606
18 116 Kyakimwa  Juliet III/2010/6362
19 118 Deya  Jessy III/2006/3323
20 119 Kabugho  Annet III/2011/3760
21 122 Mbusa Julius III/2012/3557
22 123 Ithungu Naume III/2011/3754
23 124 Kabugho  Veronica III/2013/3698
24 128 Bwambale  Rauben III/2009/4143
25 129 Murungi  Janet III/2011/3824
26 131 Kabugho  Janerose III/2011/3762


Date: 15th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.

1 132 Masereka Saidi III/2013/3301
2 133 Bwambale Semu III/2012/3485
3 134 Kabugho  Robinah III/2005/3132
4 135 Kabugho  Valeria III/2011/3768
5 137 Ndungo  Jockanus III/2011/3225
6 138 Night  Regious III/2010/5736
7 139 Baluku  Amon III/2013/3493
8 140 Masika  Loice III/2010/6388
9 141 Kabugho  Sylivia III/2013/3696
10 144 Muthaleya  Ido III/2009/3899
11 145 Masika  Clare III/2010/6266
12 146 Kyana  Cyprus III/2010/6209
13 147 Kule  Benson III/2010/6205
14 149 Asiimwe  Faith III/2011/3712
15 150 Baluku  Jofrey III/2009/12533
16 151 Bwambale  Edson III/2009/12559
17 156 Muyonjo  Yosiya lll/2001/2045
18 157 Baghen Jockbed lll/2004/3602
19 159 Muhindo  Rales lll/2010/6242
20 160 Bonabana  Aisha lll/2011/5552
21 161 Tigwezere  Harriet lll/2005/3172
22 163 Thembo  Jockim lll/2012/3545
23 165 Mubunga  Mika lll/2007/4297
24 166 Bwambale  Ivan lll/2007/4233
25 167 Asiimwe Silivia lll/2012/3300
26 168 Biirah  Pamelah lll/2005/3080


Date: 16th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.

1 170 Kabugho  Jovia lll/2009/8948
2 171 Muhindo  Constance lll/2010/6410
3 172 Biira   Robina lll/2010/1502
4 174 Bwambale  Possiano lll/2009/3947
5 175 Kihuka  Iburahim lll/2011/3695
6 180 Masereka  Erias lll/2013/3523
7 182 Nakawooya Racheal lll/2009/1362
8 183 Kabugho  Mulere Jovia lll/2011/2996
9 184 Kabugho  Juliet lll/2010/6336
10 185 Thungu  Rose lll/2010/1600
11 186 Ithungu  Jesca lll/2010/6314
12 187 Kemigisha  Flavia lll/2012/3312
13 189 Masika  Goret lll/2009/4840
14 191 Masereka  Saimon lll/2009/1899
15 192 Kule  Johab lll/2010/6201
16 195 Kabugho  Selina lll/2011/2998
17 196 Mbusa Ronald  Mumbahya lll/2010/6233
18 197 Masereka  Landus lll/2011/3717
19 198 Balaba  Pedson lll/2013/3491
20 199 Biira  Doreen lll/2012/3338
21 202 Burengye  Amon lll/20012/4293
22 203 Sibyaleghana Jesca lll/2012/3440
23 204 Vumi  Silver lll/2010/6293
24 205 Kathungu Ruth lll/2009/1634
25 206 Kule  Zakaria lll/2011/3189
26 207 Kabiira  Aluwiya lll/2012/728






Date: 19th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



208 Mbambu  Jeneva lll/2009/2774
2 212 Masika  Jenifer lll/2010/6392
3 213 Biira  Magdalena lll/2009/8938
4 214 Kyakimwa  Jackline lll/2009/8902
5 215 Kabugho  Roset lll/2011/3026
6 216 Mbambu  Kapereghe Zoze lll/2010/6398
7 218 Biira  Grace lll/2011/3688
8 219 Bwambale  Habat lll/2011/4869
9 220 Muhindo Joyline lll/2013/3722
10 221 Mbambu  Doreen lll/2012/3372
11 224 Nakandi  Faith lll/2010/5720
12 225 Masereka  Richard lll/2006/3497
13 227 Muhindo  Jockus lll/2010/1149
14 228 Meru  Scovia lll/2010/6404
15 229 Biira  Roset lll/2013/3760
16 230 Kyabinyonge  Jimmy lll/2010/283
17 232 Biira  Immaculate lll/2011/3728
18 235 Kabugho  Immaculate lll/2010/6260
19 236 Buhaka  Neckson lll/2010/5473
20 238 Thungu  Jenipher lll/2012/3454
21 240 Biira  Meresi lll/2009/2066
22 243 Muthalika  Juliet III/2010/1576
23 244 Koghel  Josephat lll/2005/7551
24 245 Masika  Pamela lll/2006/2844
25 247 Ayebale Kanagwa Brendah lll/2010/6246
26 251 Katusabe  Manuelina lll/2012/3288


Date: 20th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



252 Hulukya  Jennipher lll/2013/3686
2 253 Bathebwa  Rusiano lll/2010/5635
3 254 Kule  Joshua lll/2011/3185
4 255 Kule  Edson lll/2011/3183
5 258 Sikabyoholho  Hamidah lll/2013/6168
6 259 Kamujenga  Ellen III/2010/5832
7 262 Friday  Robert lll/2011/4949
8 263 Mbambu  Lazeri lll/2011/3810
9 264 Masika Shamim Moshi lll/2011/3804
10 265 Karabyo Loice lll/2009/2806
11 267 Bwambale  Manasi lll/2009/2637
12 271 Maate  John lll/2007/4117
13 276 Kyakimwa  Lucia lll/2008/2800
14 279 Sibirihauma  Moses lll/2010/1337
15 283 Masereka  Saimon lll/2012/3415
16 284 Kabugho  Loice lll/2013/6058
17 286 Masereka  Njara lll/2010/6215
18 287 Muhindo Samuel Tsongo lll/2009/7015
19 288 Tibajuka  Alexander lll/2005/4721
20 289 Masereka  Midraji lll/2010/5335
21 291 Nalubega  Fatihiya lll/2011/918
22 293 Thembo  Misaki lll/2007/4171
23 294 Muhesi  Fobisa lll/2009/2142
24 295 Bwambale  Jostusi lll/2010/6127
25 296 Tumwine  Junius lll/2009/4245
26 299 Kabugho  Grace lll/2010/6258


Date: 21st  June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



300 Bwambale  John III/2009/1941
2 301 Masika Rose III/2013/3788
3 303 Biira  Moreen III/2010/1466
4 304 Masika  Hellen III/2009/8972
5 305 Kalibuliro  Neverless III/2010/6342
6 306 Baluku  Soloman III/2009/12489
7 307 Businge  Julius III/2009/6997
8 308 Kule  Raphael III/2008/4569
9 309 Masika  Cyliviah III/2010/6382
10 310 Masereka  Buyondo III/2012/3423
11 312 Mesosyalya Nelson III/2011/3723
12 313 Mugisha Naphtal lll/2010/1289
13 315 Baluku Johnson lll/2013/3277
14 317 Kyakimwa  Peninah lll/2011/3790
15 319 Ithungu  Claudia lll/2011/3750
16 320 Biira Yolesi lll/2009/2792
17 321 Mumbere William lll/2011/3219
18 323 Masika  Jovia lll/2009/8906
19 324 Masika  Imeldah lll/2011/3004
20 327 Muhindo  Eresi lll/2009/8918
21 328 Biira  Merence lll/2011/2854
22 329 Biira  Jovia lll/2009/2746
23 330 Nziabake Irine lll/2013/3654
24 331 Kabatoro  Edreen lll/2005/2490
25 332 Nzabyake Jonesi lll/2012/3340
26 333 Masereka  Jostus lll/2009/7097


Date: 22nd   June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



334 Kalingihwa Ruth lll/2010/6344
2 339 Masika  Alice lll/2011/3798
3 340 Bwambale  Benson lll/2013/3343
4 341 Biira  Zabera lll/2005/3028
5 344 Ithungu  Harriet lll/2012/3268
6 345 Biira   Jeniffer lll/2010/6304
7 346 Kabugho  Lukia lll/2013/3616
8 347 Muhindo Medress lll/2007/3410
9 348 Biira  Janet lll/2010/6282
10 351 Biira  Febince  Zulien lll/2010/6250
11 352 Uwamahoro  Rehemah lll/2011/8878
12 353 Masereka  Bosco lll/2009/12593
13 357 Kiminywa  Costance lll/2010/6354
14 358 Kabugho  Everlyne lll/2013/3692
15 360 Masika  Rhominah lll/2012/3462
16 361 Malembe   Rachel lll/2012/3402
17 362 Kyakimwa  Annet lll/2009/2758
18 363 Nyangoma  Naume lll/2008/2868
19 365 Biira  Julian lll/2009/8944
20 366 Mbindule Moreen lll/2013/3642
21 368 Masereka  Rabson lll/2004/8171
22 369 Balikenga  Johnson lll/2010/6133
23 371 Masereka  Jason lll/2009/12597
24 373 Masika  Jovia lll/2011/3692
25 374 Muhindo  Jenipher lll/2006/2902
26 376 Muhindo  Rogers lll/2012/3563



Date: 23rd    June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



377 Biira  Mercyline lll/2010/1496
2 378 Mbusa  Daudi lll/2009/1901
3 379 Biira Sylivia lll/2013/3682
4 380 Kabugho   Alisi lll/2007/3324
5 381 Makongoro  Moreen lll/2013/2360
6 382 Baluku  Abel lll/2011/4689
7 383 Kule  Jonard lll/2013/5663
8 384 Bwambale  Amon lll/2010/5477
9 387 Muhindo  Roset lll/2007/3412
10 388 Biira  Alokia lll/2010/5778
11 389 Kule  Mwesige lll/2010/5653
12 390 Siriwayo  Joy lll/2013/3818
13 391 Kasulenge  Mary lll/2003/4892
14 393 Kabugho  Joselyne lll/2009/2672
15 394 Masereka  Possiano lll/2011/3197
16 395 Baluku  Moses lll/2011/3665
17 396 Birungi  Siphar lll/2010/5624
18 397 Ithungu  Roset lll/2012/3394
19 398 Muhindo  Augustine lll/2010/4687
20 399 Rau  Deziel lll/2009/12647
21 401 Muhindo  Sarah lll/2009/4786
22 402 Biirah  Christine lll/2010/6288
23 404 Muhindo  Anjela lll/2004/5340
24 405 Biira  Perezi lll/2010/6252
25 406 Kabajwisa  Moreen lll/2012/3260

Date: 26th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



407 Muhindo Morris lll/2011/3203
2 410 Masereka  Jovinal lll/2010/6223
3 411 Bwambale  Raulence lll/2010/6155
4 413 Sunday George lll/2009/4101
5 416 Kikoma  Hellen lll/2006/2886
6 419 Siriwayo   Sirasi lll/2010/1339
7 420 Muneyi  Joseph lll/2011/3221
8 421 Mbambu  Joy lll/2009/3638
9 422 Mulyatha Eziron lll/2007/4147
10 424 Tumusabe  Juliet lll/2010/6442
11 425 Baluku  Moses lll/2013/3279
12 426 Tumusime  Zippora lll/2012/3362
13 427 Masereka   John lll/2010/1269
14 428 Biira  Polonia lll/2009/8942
15 429 Masereka  Asasio lll/2008/4801
16 432 Bwambale  Jimmy lll/2010/5641
17 434 Isebakungu  Benjamin lll/2005/4549
18 437 Ithungu  Naume lll/2009/2752
19 438 Bright  Morain lll/2010/6312
20 439 Masika Oliver lll/2009/2730
21 440 Birungi  Penina lll/2011/3744
22 441 Morning  Savious lll/2010/6406
23 442 Kabugho Catherine lll/2010/1520
24 443 Kabugho  Uzieri lll/2010/1532
25 445 Nyamusana  Joy lll/2011/3010

Date: 27th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



446 Muhindo Rogers lll/2009/13633
2 447 Baluku Mones lll/2005/4583
3 448 Muhindo  Timothy lll/2009/4025
4 450 Bwabu  Erieza lll/2010/5639
5 451 Biira  Misulesi lll/2012/3336
6 453 Masereka  Lugard lll/2011/4885
7 454 Masika  Loreen lll/2012/3420
8 455 Muhindo  Fiona lll/2011/3820
9 456 Masika Fatuma lll/2009/432
10 457 Kamilli  Ralence lll/2013/6066
11 461 Kafuruka  Mores lll/2012/5943
12 463 Muhindo  Regina lll/2010/6408
13 468 Kabugho  Mulere Jovia lll/2011/2996
14 469 Manizabayo  Ronald lll/2013/423
15 474 Thembo  Gideon lll/2012/3547
16 475 Bwambale  Ezra lll/2010/1209
17 477 Mapipo  Rose lll/2010/1558
18 480 Marahi  Shem lll/2012/3473
19 481 Muthalyanyama  Lameki lll/2012/6139
20 482 Mbanowa   Sarah lll/2011/3050
21 485 Babughendeke  Gideon lll/2013/3489
22 486 Masereka Muthahinga lll/2011/4779
23 487 Kirimbwa  Robart lll/2010/1245
24 488 Bwambale  Robert lll/2008/4769
25 489 Muhindo  Amon lll/2009/4009

 Date: 28th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



490 Masereka  Julius lll/2008/6151
2 491 Baluku  Amon lll/2008/6123
3 492 Abaho  Oscar lll/2007/6963
4 493 Balhwebasa  Edreen lll/2013/3750
5 494 Bwambale  Neckson lll/2008/4763
6 495 Karusu   Joseline lll/2010/1544
7 496 Muhindo  Nelson  Zephaniah lll/2011/3207
8 497 Biirah  Josephine lll/2010/1464
9 498 Muhindo  Mubunga  Jane lll/2004/3152
10 499 Musabe  Brian lll/2011/4805
11 500 Kule  Johnthan lll/2012/3471
12 501 Rushohoza  Expedito lll/2012/3523
13 502 Masika  Jennet lll/2006/2896
14 504 Sibunabirwa  Stevenia lll/2010/1458
15 505 Marahi  Musa lll/2009/4089
16 506 Bwambale  Fanahas lll/2010/6145
17 507 Biira  Jackline lll/2011/3730
18 509 Opolot  Edward lll/2009/7027
19 510 Bwambale  Rauliano lll/2006/3475
20 511 Biira  Anjerina lll/2012/3302
21 515 Bwambale  Geofrey lll/2007/4227
22 516 Biira Esther lll/2011/3722
23 519 Bwambale  Habib lll/2005/4607
24 520 Muhindo  Adam lll/2010/1295
25 522 Muhindo  Agness lll/2011/2992

Date: 29th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



523 Bwambale  Wilson lll/2009/12561
 2 524 Masika  Jovia lll/2009/4842
3 526 Maate  Charles lll/2010/1155
4 527 Muhindo  Eunice lll/2013/3646
5 529 Kule Yosofu lll/2006/8333
6 530 Kabugho  Jones lll/2009/2082
7 531 Basisa  Agnes lll/2006/2866
8 534 Nightrose  Sedrace lll/2005/3096
9 535 Ithungu  Jetrida lll/2010/6316
10 536 Biira  Ketty lll/2011/3738
11 537 Muhindo  Rubasaka lll/2010/6270
12 539 Mubatsi  Nickolus lll/2010/1145
13 540 Kikumu  Zakaliya lll/2008/6143
14 542 Masika  Teopister lll/2013/3570
15 543 Musubahu  Edson lll/2005/2983
16 545 Ithungu  Racheel lll/2007/3448
17 546 Biira  Josephine lll/2010/5620
18 547 Katusabe  Violet lll/2006/5550
19 548 Mumbere  Jockim lll/2013/3413
20 555 Muhindo  Beatrace lll/2013/3574
21 556 Mutsungu  James lll/2010/1311
22 557 Sekabute  Joyce lll/2010/1594
23 558 Baluku  Diriano lll/2013/3453
24 561 Masimengo  Annet lll/2011/3806
25 563 Kyakimwa  Agness lll/2010/1550


Date: 30th June 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



564 Thungu  Josephine lll/2009/8990
2 566 Masereka Johnson lll/2010/5527
3 567 Muhindo  Harriet lll/2011/3822
5 572 Kabugho Gladys lll/2005/3136
6 573 Kabugho  Scovia lll/2013/3778
7 575 Ithungu Rose lll/2012/3266
8 576 Ithungu Kiiza Harriet lll/2012/3396
9 577 Muhindo  Roben lll/2013/3399
10 578 Ruboya Alice lll/2010/9436
11 579 Ithungu  Hellen lll/2010/6254
12 580 Masereka  Sozin lll/2012/3519
13 581 Mukosa  Rabeca lll/2010/6412
14 582 Kabugho Sarah lll/2008/2844
15 583  Biira Dipora lll/2009/8880
16 584 Ndyamuhaki  Sarah lll/2011/5730
17 587 Masika  Jenipher lll/2010/5798
18 588  Ngangale  Benard lll/2009/4223
19 589 Bwambale Moses lll/2010/1123
20 590 Kule  Hosea lll/2001/3219
21 591 Mwahulhwa    Levina lll/2012/3468
22 592 Kabugho  Agness lll/2008/2786
23 593 Ngonzi  Zaituni Barozi lll/2010/5382
24 598 Masika  Faridah lll/2009/2640
25 605 Sesabyona  Moses lll/98/5417


Date: 3rd July 2017  at  9.00 a.m.



607 Biira  Scovia lll/2009/2748
2 610 Newton Kabusa Amon lll/2006/7747
3 611 Kathambara  Edson lll/2005/4727
4 612 Mukhalo Joram lll/2013/3471
5 613 Adoc  Holga lll/2011/5774
6 614 Muhindo  Harriet lll/2013/3648
7 615 Bikongoro  Susan lll/2011/3690
8 616 Thembo  Joseph lll/2013/3485
9 618 Mbaju  Robeni lll/2013/3461
10 623 Ochaaki  Joseph lll/2011/4849
11 626 Bwambale   Joshua lll/2009/2937
12 627 Mumbere  Jofrey lll/2009/3029
13 630 Biira  Regina lll/2003/3868
14 631 Kasuka Philemon lll/2006/2179
15 635 Mbambu  Sylivia lll/2013/3792
16 636 Muhindo  Landus lll/2009/4017
17 637 Byalemene Hangison lll/2010/6177
18 638 Bwambale  Ladric lll/2013/3501
19 642 Biira  Betty  Kithaghenda lll/2010/5812
20 644 Ithungu  Eva lll/2011/3022
21 648 Kikoni  Wilfred lll/2011/3699
22 651 Biira  Jannet lll/2011/2714
23 653 Muhindo Syaungene Zalimon lll/2006/7641
24 657 Tembo  Dedan Kipura lll/2013/2121
25 661 Prucka  Innoncent lll/2012/3373


All candidates MUST bring originals of  certificates that they  hold e.g ‘O’ and/ or A’ Level certificates, Certificate of  Registration and Teaching certificates, copies of certified documents with a live stamp  together with Identity Cards.





Shortlist for interviews May 2017


The following short-listed applicants for the post of  Senior Health Inspector (MoH) are required to appear before the Selection Board of the District Service Commission on the date stipulated below. The venue will be the Board Room of the District Service Commission. The Shortlist can also be viewed on the District Website: or

Date:  4TH May 2017 at 9.00 a.m.

  1. Bwambale Ericana
  2. Aisu Samuel Wori

The following short-listed applicants for the post of Health Inspector (MoH) are required to appear before the Selection Board of the District Service Commission on the date stipulated below. The venue will be the Board Room of the District Service Commission. The Shortlist can also be viewed on the District Website: or

Date:  4th May 2017 at 9.00 a.m

  1. Aisu Samuel Wori
  2. Ithungu Roset
  3. Kibingo Pascal
  4. Simon Peter Ssebadduka
  5. Bwambale Johnson
  6. Mwizerwa Brian
  7. Muhindo Jockim

The following short-listed applicants for the post of Biostatician (MoH) are required to appear before the Selection Board of the District Service Commission on the date stipulated below. The venue will be the Board Room of the District Service Commission. The Shortlist can also be viewed on the District Website: or

Date:  4th May 2017 at 11.00 a.m.

  1. Ampaire Lodgers
  2. Kyakimwa Jiniffer Kamukade
  3. Thembo Costantine
  4. Tukwatanise Raymond
  5. Kule Jean Marie
  6. Rubanga Lawrence


All candidates Must bring originals of any certificates they may hold e.g ‘O’ Level certificates, Registration Certificates, Valid Practicing Licence, Academic Transcripts and Identity Cards.

Miramagho Joshua








Kasese District Local Government is in the process of pre-qualifying service providers for works, supplies and services for F/y 2017/2018, management of revenue centers for 1st and 2nd quarter 2017, management of annual tenders and Taxi parks for the Financial Year 2017/18.

The entity hereby invites competent firms and individuals to submit sealed applications /bids for the following items below:-



  1. Supply of electrical equipments, solar and Generators.
  2. Supply of timber, school desks, office furniture and furnishing
  3. Supply of computers, photocopiers and printers.
  4. Supply of agricultural inputs, cocoa seedlings, tree seedlings, veterinary drugs/chemicals, poultry feeds, livestock (goats, cows, pigs, chicken, fish fry, fish feeds), food stuffs, tools and equipments.
  5. Supply of Building, construction materials, protective wear and road tools.
  6. Supply of pipes, fittings, plumbing materials, Borehole spare parts, sewing machines and rainwater harvesting tanks.
  7. Supply of maize mills, coffee hullers, ground nuts mills, welding machines, Rice threshers and fish, chicken feed mixers.
  8. Supply of Motor vehicles, motor cycles and bicycles.


  1. Provision of legal services (Retainer Basis).
  2. Hydro-geological surveys, borehole drilling and rehabilitation.
  3. Survey, design and documentation of GFS.
  4. Provision of land and roads surveying and Designing of buildings.
  5. Provision of Rating Valuation services.
  6. Training and Capacity Building.
  7. Land scarping and compound design.
  8. Provision of web/telecommunication services.


  1. Construction, completion, Renovation and maintenance of Buildings.
  2. Construction of springs, well protection and valley dams.
  3. Construction, Rehabilitation of Gravity Flow Schemes, boreholes and Installation of plumbing materials.
  4. Construction of water channels, rehabilitation, periodic maintenance of roads and Bridges using machines (opening, grading and gravelling) and installation of culverts.
  5. Construction, Renovation and completion of VIP – Latrines.
  6. Maintenance, repair, extension and Installation of Electrical materials.
  7. Construction of bridges, Timber Bridge and Installation of concrete culverts.
  8. Electrical /solar installations, repairs and related supplies.


  1. Management of Salt Lake market in Katwe Kabatooro T/c.
  2. Management of Kasenyi salt in L. Katwe S/c.
  3. Management of Lhubiriha market in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c.
  4. Collection of business/Trading license in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c
  5. Collection of beans fees in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c.
  6. Ward, office cleaning and fumigation of Bwera Hospital.
  7. Compound cleaning and maintenance of Bwera Hospital.
  8. Supply of food staffs (milk, tea leaves, sugar, soap and charcoal) to Bwera Hospital.
  9. Procurement of private operators for the Agro processing machines (Coffee Hullers) in the Sub counties of Kilembe, Nyakiyumbu and Bwesumbu.
  10. Collection of dues from Hotel Tax in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c.
  11. Collection of Property Tax at commission basis of 10-12%
  12. Business Licenses/ permits in Katwe Kabatooro T/c.
  13. Collection of dues Local Hotel Tax in Katwe Kabatooro T/c
  14. Collection of Kyondo Sub County Trading Licenses
  15. Collection of Trading licenses in Nyakiyumbu S/c.
  16. Management of Hima market in Hima Town Council
  17. Management of Local Hotel tax in Hima Town Council
  18. Management of Slaughter fees in Hima Town Council
  19. Collection of Trading licenses excluding operation permit in Hima Town Council
  20. Collection of Property tax excluding tax payable by Hima Cement in Hima Town Council
  21. Cleaning of offices, toilets, multipurpose hall/council hall and Maintenance of District headquarters compound.


  1. Supply of fuel, lubricants and serving of motorable equipments
  2. Supply of general stationery, Education materials, FAL materials, toner, cartridge, key boards, extension cables and cameras and institutional staff uniform and small office equipments.
  3. Services for operation and maintenance of activities of rural water supply facilities.
  4. Supply of general printed stationery, Vouchers, Receipts, Operation permits, LPO, goods received note and Identity Cards.
  5. Supply of bitumen, primer, limestone, cement, Lime, culverts, gravel, stone dust, sand, hardcore and aggregates.
  6. Provision for Secretarial, printing, binding and photocopying services.
  7. Provisions for transport- Vehicle hire – Pickups, 4WD and 2 tones, 4 tones, 7 tones and 10 tones Trucks.
  8. Repair/ servicing of computers, photocopiers and binding machines.
  9. Supply of Human drugs, Medical supplies, laboratory, detergents and medical equipments.
  10. Repairs/ maintenance of Vehicles, Generators and Motorcycles
  11. Provision for accommodation, conference facilities, events management and catering services.
  12. Provision of motorable Plants, equipments and machines for road construction
  13. Provision of media services such as conducting of Radio talk shows and advertisement
  14. Supply of bottled water (for dispenser) for office consumption.
  15. Supply of General consumables and cleaning materials (beverages, sugar, soap, carteens, sundries, toilet papers, Vim, Jik, Jazzy) and related products.
  16. Supply of tyres, tubes and batteries



  1. Management of Mpondwe Taxi Park in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c.
  2. Management of Kyarumba Mughete Taxi Park in Kyarumba S/c
  3. Management of Kikorongo Taxi Park in L. Katwe S/c
  4. Management of Katwe Parking fees/ Taxi Park in Katwe Kabatooro T/c.
  5. Management of Kinyamaseke Taxi Park.
  6. Management of Kisinga – Kagando Taxi park in Kisinga T/c.
  7. Management of Lorry Park in Mpondwe Lhubiriha T/c.

CATEGORY G: Tenders for 4th Quarter 2017

  1. Procurement of 10,000 kgs of garlic seed for Abahara Foundation Farmers in Kasese District.
  2. Valuation of business properties in Hima Town Council.




1. Kithoma market Buhuhira 6 months
2. Maliba Maliba 6 months
3. Kyanya Maliba 6 months
4. Kanyampara Munkunyu 6 months
5. Kyarumba Kyarumba 6 months
6. Kisanyarazi Bugoye 6 months
1. Kahendero market Muhokya 6 months
2. Kahendero fish movement permit Muhokya 6 months
3. Muhokya market Muhokya 6 months
4. Kyanzababiri market Kyondo 6 months
5. Kinyabisiki market Kyondo 6 months
6. Kyondo market Kyondo 6 months
7. Musasa – Katulu market Kyondo 6 months
8. Kyondo slaughter fees Kyondo 6 months
9. Mubuku market Maliba 6 months
10. Isule market Maliba 6 months
11. Maliba slaughter fees Maliba 6 months
12. Katoho market Munkunyu 6 months
13. Mairo Ikumi market Munkunyu 6 months
14. Kitsutsu market Munkunyu 6 months
15. Nkunyu market Munkunyu 6 months
16. Munkunyu Slaughter fees Munkunyu 6 months
17. Rugendabara – Burambira market Kitswamba 6 months
18. Kinyabwamba market Kitswamba 6 months
19. Kitswamba market Kitswamba 6 months
20. Kiburara market Kisinga 6 months
21. Kamughobe market Kisinga 6 months
22. Kajwenge market Kisinga 6 months
23. Kalehe market Bwera 6 months
24. Mithimusanju market Bwera 6 months
25. Kakone market Bwera 6 months
26. Kawempe market Bugoye 6 months
27. Bugoye market Bugoye 6 months
28. Ibanda market Bugoye 6 months
29. Katoke market Bugoye 6 months
30. Kabatunda Kirabaho market Kyabarungira 6 months
31. Rwesande market Kyabarungira 6 months
32. Kyabarungira Slaughter fees Kyabarungira 6 months
33. Rusese market Isango 6 months
34. Kanamba/Kivengenyi market Karusandara 6 months
35. Musyenene market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
36. Kalongoyire market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
37. Nyamukade market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
38. Katholhu – Rwehingo market Nyakiyumbu 6 months
39. Fish movement permit Nyakiyumbu 6 months
40. Cowerie shells Nyakiyumbu 6 months
41. Hamukungu market L. Katwe 6 months
42. Kasenyi market L. Katwe 6 months
43. Kinyateke-Kyapa market L. Katwe 6 months
44. Mahango Upper market Mahango 6 months
45. Mahango Lower Mahango 6 months
46. Kihyo Buhuhira 6 months
47. Buhuhira slaughter fees Buhuhira 6 months
48. Kasenyi/Korukumi market Buhuhira 6 months
49. Mughete Kyarumba 6 months
50. Kyarumba S/c slaughter fee Kyarumba 6 months
51. Kighenge Kyarumba 6 months
52. Kaghema Buying centres Kyarumba 6 months


1. Kahendero Canoe Landing site Muhokya A 6 months
2. Katunguru Canoe Landing site L. Katwe A 6 months
3. Kasenyi Canoe Landing Site L. Katwe A 6 months
4. Kayanja Canoe landing site Nyakiyumbu A 6 months


1. Lower Customs market A 6 months
2. Mpondwe market A 6 months
3. Nyabugando market B 6 months
4. Bumali market B 6 months
5. Kasanga Kisaka market B 6 months


1. Kisinga market A 6 months
2. Kagando market A 6 months
3. Buzira market B 6 months


1. Fish landing dues B 6 months
2. Katwe Roadside market B 6 months
3. Fish Movement Permit B 6 months


  • (a) All payments of non-refundable fees should be paid on the District General Fund Collection Account Number 0930006382354 in Stanbic Bank Kasese Branch.  A copy of the banking slip should be presented to the District Cashier for receipting.  The receipt will be presented to the Head Procurement and Disposal Unit for accessing bid documents.  Original receipt should be attached to the tender application.

(b) Applicants must have an operational license for Kasese District Local Government for the F/Y                                                           2017-2018 obtained at the Revenue Office. Companies and Co-operative Societies will pay operation license of Shs.100,000/= and grade A markets will pay shs 50,000 while grade B markets will pay 30,000=.

 (c) Bidders for categories A, B, C, D, E,  F and G  will pay non-refundable fees of Shs. 100,000/= for each item.

 (d) Bidders for rural and urban markets will pay non-refundable fees as follows:-

Shs.     100,000= for Grade A markets.

Shs.     50,000= for Grade B markets.

 All the applicants must attach the following legal requirements:-

  1. Detailed company profile.
  2. Evidence of key staff suitable for the item applied for
  3. Original Receipt of non refundable fee.
  4. Current income Tax clearance certificate.
  5. Certificate of Registration/Incorporation.
  6. Recent bank statement and Audited Accounts.
  7. Evidence of past experience in similar Business/service applied for.
  8. Operational permit for F/y 2017/2018.
  9. A bid security where it is required in the solicitation document.

Applicants for Revenue Centers can either be firms /individuals and should attach C and H and categories A, B, C, D, E, G and F may be registered Limited companies and applicants for No. 3 of category D must be registered Limited companies or cooperative society of the market vendors within the area of operation and applicants for category F must be Co-operative societies only operating within their respective sub counties/ Town Councils. While applicants for no. 9 of category D may be firms, Co-operative societies or individuals. Bidders for management of coffee hullers may apply for both or one in each respective Sub-county.

  1. All consultations and guidance pertaining payments of non-refundable fees, procurement procedures and tender documents should be sought from Procurement and Disposal Unit during office hours.
  2. The numbers of copies required are two which must be properly sealed and clearly marked “TENDER FOR” ….. and should be addressed and submitted to The Head Procurement and Disposal Unit, Kasese District Local Government, P.O. Box 250, KASESE not later than 10:00 a.m. of 16th May  2017 And thereafter bids will be opened the same day at 10:30 a.m. in the PDU boardroom where interested bidders/representatives may choose to attend.

Late submissions will be rejected.

Kasese District Local Government reserves the right to accept or reject any bid.

Planned procurement schedule (subject to changes) is as follows:-


Publish of bid notice/advert 25th April 2017
Pre bid meeting N/A
Bid closing & opening of bids 16th May 2017
Evaluation process 19th May 2017
Display of  best evaluated bidder notice 23rd May 2017
Contract award & signature 7th June 2017