Health Sector

 Health Units and Number

Units No. Ownership
Gov’t Private(PNFP/PFP)
Hospital 3 01 02
Health Centre IVs 5 01 04
Health Centre IIIs 42 22 20
Health Centre IIs 69 55 14
Total 119 79 40

Performance Indicator

S/n Indicator Performance level
1 Immunization Coverage DPT3-94%
2 HIV Prevalence 4%
3 Latrine Coverage 80%
4 Supervised deliveries 44%
5 Staffing levels 52%

Health sector also received 7 operating theatre beds for all hospitals and health Centre IVs. the theatre at Nyamirami health Centre IV was also equipped

 Ambulances Received

sn Health facility Source
1 Bwera Hospital BTC (ICB)
2 Kilembe Mines Hospital BTC (ICB)
3 Rwesande Health centre IV Save the children
4 Kagando Hospital UPMB
5 Bishop Masereka medical centre Private

Key Projects

Project FY Status Funding Source
Constructed a 3-stance VIP latrine at Karusandara HC 2014/15 Completed and functional PHC development
2 stance VIP latrine constructed at Kayanja HC II in Nyakiyumbu sub county. 2014/15 Completed and functional PHC development
1 doctor’s house constructed at Nyamirami HC IV. 2014/15 Completed LGMSD
1 OPD constructed at Kabatunda HC III in Kyabarungira S/C. 2014/15 Completed PHC development
1 OPD rehabilitated at Nyakimasa HC II-Bwera Sub county. 2014/15 Completed PHC development
Construction of a VIP latrine at Kiyonga PS in Bunyiswa 2014/15 Completed PHC development
Construction of a VIP latrine at Nyamughona PS in Kisaka 2014/15 Completed PHC development
72% of the approved posts filled with health works ( Bwera Hospital in Mpondwe Lubiriha Town council). 2014/15 Completed MoH/ICB-BTC
Construction of a 2 stance pit latrine at Buhaghura Health Centre II in Rukoki sub-county 2014/15 Complete PHC development
Renovation of Isule Health Centre III under LGMSD in Maliba S/C 2014/15 Complete PHC development
Renovation of Kayanzi HC II 2014/15 Complete PHC development
Procurement of theatre tables for Bwera Hosp. Kilembe Hosp. Nyamirami Hosp. 2014/15 On going ICB/BTC
Procurement of MCH equipment for the some health centres 2014/15 On going Save the Children
Supply of medical equipment to Nyamirami HC IV 2014/15 On going PHC development
Recruitment of additional 29 health workers 2013/14 Completed PEPFAR
House to house mass immunization campaign against polio with 96.4% coverage among children less than 5 years 2013/14 Completed MoH
Routine surveillance for diseases and epidemic potential 2013/14 Completed MoH
Completion of Nyakatonzi HC II Outpatients department 2013/14 Completed PHC development
Completion of the renovation of the drug store at district Headquarters 2012/13 Completed and functional PHC development
Completion of Kabatunda HC III staff house 2012/13 Completed PHC development
Completion of staff house at Rwesande HC IV 2012/13 Completed PHC development

A List of staff houses constructed in the last five years in Kasese district

sn Health unit Location No. of staff houses constructed Number of staffs accommodated
1 Kanyatsi HCII Kitholhu s/c- Kanyatsi parish 1 2
2 Bubutyo HCII Ihandiro s/c- Bubutyo 1 2
3 Rwesande HCIV Kyabarungira s/c- Rwesande 2 6
4 Kabatunda HCIII Kyabarungira s/c- Kabatunda 1 3
5 Nyamirami HCIV Muhokya s/c- Nyamirami 1 1 (doctors’ house)
6 Kigoro HCII Rukoki s/c- Kigoro 1 2
7 Kalibu HCIII Kilembe s/c- Kibandama 1 2
8 Kyondo HCIII Kyondo s/c- Kanyatsi 1 3

Table 42: Other Works (Constructions)

Sn Health unit Type of structure
1 Kabatunda health III OPD
2 Kayanzi health centre III OPD
3 Nyakimasi HCII OPD
4 Kigoro HCII OPD
5 Karusandara HCIII OPD renovation
6 Kiraro HCII OPD

 Most Crucial Challenges affecting Performance of the Health Units

  • Limited staff quarters
  • Inadequate equipment at Health Units
  • Lack of lighting in most maternity units


§  The high level of absenteeism among health workers at most health units can be minimized by availing or having staff quarters constructed at health units. Most health workers travel long distances to and from their homes for work.

  • Provision of necessary equipment like the test kits and the mama kits would improve health care performance
  • Provision of lighting facilities at health units would improve OPD performance

Annex 1: Presidential Pledges


  1. Up grading Kasese Airfield to an International Airport Status
  2. Compensation for vehicles and other property burnt by ADF rebels in 2001
  3. Provision of a UBC community radio and Televion for Kasese. The UBC TV transmission is on and off.
  4. School fees for Kyondo family affected by ADF war
  5. Upgrading of Kibanzanga Private Secondary school to Government owned