Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a convergence of microelectronics, computing (hardware and software) systems and telecommunications to perform day to day activities.


Background of ICT in Kasese District Local Government

ICT in Kasese District Local Government was introduced as early as 1998 when computer usage to course in Uganda. ICT usage has since then been a challenge to the community and public servants as computers seamed hard to use and expensive to acquire as well as maintain.


The usage of ICT in Kasese was then boosted by the introduction of E-Society Resource Centre. The E-society Resource Centre (ESRC) is the District ICT hub, point for citizens to access, share and disseminate information on local governance and service delivery using ICTs. The E-Society concept was initiated in December 2006 by a Public Private Partnership (PPP) strategy. The consolidated member organizations Rwenzori Consortium for civic Competence (RWECO) and Rwenzori Information Centres Network (Ric-Net) signed a memorandum of understanding with Kasese District Local Government. RIC-NET kick started by setting up of the District Information Desk that became the ICT hub for Kasese in December 2009 with the purpose of ensuring a poverty free society using ICT.

The Centre was opened for full operation in December 2009 and later officially commissioned on 20th April 2011. The partnership of Ric-Net and RWECO supported Kasese District Local Government to maintain the ICT Centre with equipment, running costs finances and an ICT Officer up to Sept 2013.

With the help of the Chief Administrative Officer Mr. William Kanyesigye, DTPC and DEC convinced the District council to approve recruiting a permanent ICT specialist.

The very first ICT Officer was then recruited in the Local Government setting in September 2013 to manage the E-Society and also work as the District ICT Technical person. E-Society has since then become the official District ICT sub-section office, an ICT Resource Centre and ICT coordinating unit.