CAO’s Message

Dear visitors and citizens of Uganda, I welcome you to Kasese District information portal. Management of the District is charged with efficient and effective public service delivery. It is also mandated with the task of guiding the established structures and local government systems in all operations. It also strengthens strategies of ensuring that government policies are implemented and created public ordinances are executed for effective coordination and service delivery systems management, and also makes certain that all lawful District Council resolutions are effectively implemented. PSM also ascertain that services are timely and reliably accessible and that strategic planning and policy implementation are coordinated and regulated respectively.
Public sector management (PMS) also builds capacity of the public service and verifies that these programs result from participatory needs assessment for effectiveness. And also ensure that there is accountability in terms of value for money and this is done through constant mentoring, monitoring and evaluation of all central and district programs.

For effective human and time management, Kasese District has instituted availability charts for head of Departments and other key offices. Management has also instituted new reporting format that is embedded with a more result identification menu for both the departments and Lower Local Governments.
Monitoring and supervision of District, Sub County and central government projects is done in a coordinated way for both the political and technical sectors and this has minimized duplication of work and time wastage.
The department is charged with strengthening weak departments through constant supervision and guidance.
Departmental strategic objectives;

  1. To improve democracy and accountability in the district and lower local governments within the district.
  2. To supervise and coordinate the operations of various departments and lower local governments within the district.
  3. To rise the levels of economic and social development in the district through efficient coordination of services to the people.
  4. To coordinate planning, management and development of the human resources of the district.

Strengthening the legal and implementation framework of the District: This is done by ensuring that implementation of government policies and projects are done lawfully. The district abides to the ???????????????????????????????established legal framework whereof it operates. The Department also makes certain that the implementation targets are attained and this is measured by gauging the implementation level against the targets.
Conducts regular timely meetings meant to attain coordination of departments and activities in relation to work plans and budgets. These also enhance the setting of targets and gauge implementation and make situation analysis of achievements and constraints aimed at improving performance.
The department continuously updates the comprehensive staff Audit system to establish the quality of staff in the district; and to establish the number of staff per sector and gauge their status.
Strengthen Records management that is intended to ensure that all records in the district are well managed for reference, implementation and follow up purposes.
County Administration through establishment of strong supervisory mechanism for the sub counties in each county is done.

Departmental/Sections Supervisions as well as in Lower Local Governments is carried out to make certain that work plans are being followed; ensure that human resource system is fully functional; scrutinize the constraints for improved and informed decision making.
Ensure Monitoring and evaluation of District projects in lower Local governments to make certain that government programs and projects are being implemented as per guidelines, ensure transparency and accountability supervise and ensure that there is value for money and emphasize community participation and ownership.
The Department carries out mentoring and guiding operations of lower local governments to ensure that the key level implementation teams are supervised, mentored and guided in all lower local governments.
The District holds quarterly Radio programs to create awareness on salient issues affecting the District and the populace gives a platform for getting feedback on the districts service delivery performance and creates a purpose of ownership of Government programs/Projects through participation, supervision & monitoring by the public.
The Department ensures that mandatory plans and reports like planning, budgeting and DDP processes are followed and implemented in time to make sure that the planning and budgeting process is properly done and thereafter followed and adhered to. The Department also ascertains that all work plans, budgets and progress reports are submitted to the center in time.
For effective and efficient management and administration of all district assets, a proper inventory of the district assets is made. It is also aimed at drawing adequate utilization plan, ensure proper distribution of the assets and draw acquisition and disposal of assets plan.
Monitoring and Evaluation is done to determine level of implementation of government programs, gauge level of service delivery, verify staffing levels and gaps as well as field performance and verify adherence to laws and regulations in implementation of projects

Equip the registry and human resource offices with the necessary equipment and stationery to ensure efficiency and effective work and support the proper functionality of the Registry.
Establish a District communication strategy that is meant to have a clear and stipulated system of communication, identify the effective channels of communication, highlight key communication issues, gaps and mode of correction and identify the key personnel to handle the emerging issues.
Market and publicize the district by utilizing the website to market the district, maintain communication and information sharing avenues with different stakeholders and make publications and distribute them to different stakeholders and strategic places

Harmonization of external communication, meetings and announcements will be ensured. This is meant to ensure coordination of information given to the public, ascertain that verified and accurate information is disseminated and ensure that only authorized information is disseminated through the Chief Administrative officer or an appointed and authorized information officer. I wish you a

Thank you.

I remain yours

Mr. Turyaheebwa Hanny Kafureka
Chief Administrative Officer